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Just when you though the original series was dead......

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    Just when you thought the mothership was dead:

    AMC is looking to bring it back with new episodes! An article on this can be found at:

    While the chances of that actually happening are slim, I would not be shocked if that really happened on a couple of fronts:

    1. AMC is owned by Cablevision, who also owns the Knicks, Rangers and Madison Square Garden. Given what happened with the Jets stadium in Manhattan that Cablevision helped shoot down fearing loss of concert business (and some older Jets fans don't forgive Cablevision for that because they felt the team needed to be actually playing in New York proper to be made whole), this could be Cablevision looking at this as a way to mend fences with some of those who actually felt that stadium was needed to "truly bring the Jets back to New York" as they were before they left Shea Stadium for The Meadowlands in 1984 (yes, I know, it seems far-fetched, but it might very well be given "L & O" historically did its best ratings in New York and it is a show filmed in NYC, getting it back would be a way in the minds of Cablevision to get some people "on their side" in general).

    2. If Jeff Zucker was behind the cancellation for reasons other than economics (i.e.: What I said earlier about Zucker actually doing it to get back at Turner for signing Conan o'Brien to a new show on TBS, with that being the reason NBC didn't want TNT paying additional funds), then it would be a way for NBC-Universal to save face because the last thing some at NBC would want, and especially if Zucker is fired as some expect will happen the minute Comcast takes over is for it turning out that Zucker's long-running feud with Conan was the real reason he reneged on a deal that had been in place since March for the 21st season of the mothership.

    Saying that of course, TNT's deal could be a sticking point since they of course hold repeat rights. They probably could still veto such a deal since they hold the repeat rights.

    Quite interesting that AMC would be interested, though I suspect AMC would also want it because it would add to their stable of quality shows.

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    Sad but true. Even if Law & Order is picked up by AMC- Mike Cutter probably won't be coming back... probably a lot of characters. Not looking good.

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    I believe Linus Roach is working on a new show in New if L&O is revived he could be able to come back.

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