Law & Order

Season 16 Episode 3


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on NBC

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  • Breath of Fresh Air!

    When I saw this episode I thought it was a new I was all happy that by some miracle Law and Order was going back to its roots of story-telling and only later discover, that this episode was a repeat.

    I liked how we finally got a glimpse into Fontana's life, even though it wasn't personal.

    Two druggies attack, rape and kill a ten year old girl in her own home...and Fontana, with his over eager self pins his attention on her dad, who after ten years is proven to be actually innocent. Although, the Dad was never charged, once you are accused of something like that, there's no forgetting it.

    Overall, I loved this episode....too bad the rest of the season flopped.
  • Fontana and Green ponder a murder confession from a dying felon and Fontana reflects on the case that he worked on a decade ago. Good and solid, but it lost steam as it went on.

    Another good and solid installment to the 16th season of L&O. The episode started off strong with a robbery and then a chase. The suspect kills a cop before being shot by the cop's partner. In his death bed, he confesses to a murder that was comitted a decade ago. Fontana reflects on the previous facts and relays them to Green as the episode continues. The episode lost steam, however, by the time the "order" part of it was introduced. However, McCoy kept this viewer watching as he displayed once again why his character is so well loved.
  • Good solid episode

    Nothing exceptionally original here, aside from the deathbed confession in the opening, incriminating another person for the rape and murder of a young girl ten years earlier. There's nice foreshadowing in the episode, concentrating on Fontana's overzealousness (alluded to by Van Buren--"just follow the facts," and nicely illustrated by the truncated scene where Fontana may or may not have offered a questionable deal to the new suspect's brother for his testimony) and overconfidence a decade ago when pointing the finger at the father of the young girl as being the killer(ultimately unsubstantiated). One of McCoy's more frustrating cases as of late, with lots of roadblocks and just a plain weak case. The best part for me was the ending...of course we need one final meeting between Fontana and the bereaved father and husband for closure...and of course, Fontana's outstretched hand of admittedly weak apology is unmet.
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