Law & Order

Season 16 Episode 13

Heart of Darkness

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • This was one of the best L&O episodes I've seen in a long time. They've done assisted suicide before but never as pertains to the mentally ill, which is a big topic right now. Amazingly well done!

    This was one of the best L&O episodes I've seen in a long time. Extremely well written, it managed to combine great twists and turns with a probing debate over a very complex ethical issue involving whether or not it's okay to assist a depressed person in killing themselves. The acting was excellent, especially that of Waterston who seemed genuinely engaged with this issue and also the defense lawyer for the girlfriend who was amazing. Who is that guy? I just wish more of the episodes dealt with complex issues in such a dramatic and powerful way. Great job guys. Please give us more like this.
  • How many Euthanasia episode can they do?

    How many Euthanasia episode can they do?

    I mean, I swear I can go back through the sixteen years of this show and find at least two episodes on Euthanasia in each season.

    Didn't they just do an episode this season where (Age of Innocence), although, it was not about Euthanasia, but the man was going to take his wife of life's close enough to be the same damn thing.

    Okay, the girlfriend was the suspect, no wait his brother wanted him dead more than her....poor man, he must have been a real pain in the butt!

    Overall, its the same thing over and over again. Please, end the show.
  • heart of darkness

    I really dislike Dennis Farina as one of the detectives and am really glad his tenure on this show was short-lived. Farina just stood there like a tool and never contributed anything. His mannerisms were poor and you never saw this guy as a cop. Just two years Law and Order fans truly regretted.

    But the storyline here was really good. Assisted suicide is always a controversial issue, and it was even moreso here tonight. The revelation of a third party being involved was a classic Law and Order twist and definitely had me hooked until the final fade to black.

    Great episode.
  • Guy commits suicide with a little help

    This was a very painful show to watch. You knew something had to go wrong. Who would voluntarily stay to watch someone commit suicide? You would have to be nuts yourself. Assisted suicide is such a hot topic I'm not surprised the show had a twist at the end. I'm not surprised it was the brother helping the guy kill himself.
  • This episode seems more revealing of the tattered upholstery and worn carpets that occupy the internal production of the show, than of the usually-demonstrated superb writing and producing talent usually on view here.

    You know it'll be a sub-par story when all Fontanna can quip about the suicide note is that '...who(m)ever it was couldn't even spell his name right.'

    There was nothing here, sadly. The writers simply dumped on the cast. This is so unlike a Dick Wolf production. There's a reason the cast includes Ms Merkerson, for instance, or Mr Waterston, and it's not to portray Lt vanBuren telling someone to '...go check-out the shrink...'

    The crew and cast have spent years perfecting the now-well-known "L & O Twist;" what we instead get here is a clumsily-cobbled momentary glimpse of a moving shawdow in the background of a taped-for-history 'end of life ceremony' that is barely worth the wait.

    The 'real' culprit seems more like a characterization that was phoned-in to the script, and an element of the mystery to be solved. The acting wasn't bad or good, on the part of any of the characters taking part in the episode; however, most of those we usually see are capable of so much more, that it was really telling (at least to me) to see them so lightly employed.

    There might be a zillion reasons why this script was the one that made it to the air; however, IMHO they need to get back to scripts that're more than just sentences jumbled together if this show's gonna return to what it should be about, what it's always been about, and what it could be about. This episode was in almost every way most certainly not the pinnacle of the New York Police Procedural.