Law & Order

Season 18 Episode 8


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • Jack McCoy Uber Liberal

    After years of his extremist left wing ideals Jack McCoy finally gets called out on it. The verdict is guilty. It is this why I started hating this character.
  • A peaceful protest rally takes a devastating turn, and Jack McCoy learns why Adam Schiff was always so grumpy.

    Terrific episode with all the things we've come to expect from Law & Order - great interaction between the police and the lawyers, a few red herrings, and terrific court scenes. Throw in a some character development and you've got a winner!

    I particularly enjoyed Jack McCoy going toe to toe with the various parties unhappy with his performance as DA, including the IAB and his former ADA Mr. Lathem. It's nice to see that Jack hasn't lost any of his righteous indignation since his promotion. We also got some more background on the new EADA, Michael Cutter and some continuity on Cyrus Lupo (once again studying for his law class). Couldn't have asked for more!
  • Jack McCoy shows his teeth!

    While the case is central to this episode, it takes a back seat to the political quandrys Jack McCoy faces as District Attorney.

    An auxilairy cop shoots an innocent protester. The Police want this case taken lightly. The ADA who handles the case (character actor John Pankow) treats it lightly to the grand jury and no indictment is given.

    McCoy fires this man who it turns out didn't get the DA job, so he has axes to grind. As it turns out, other evidence is procured and an indictment is finally passed. WHile we knew the cop would be convicted, it's McCoy who shines here. First outside the courtroom telling the police brass that he will not let this aux. cop go away. Then in the courtroom when he is under attack by witness-the fired ADA. McCoy, while having a somewhat liberal slant will treat justice as a two way street, equally for citizens and those behind the badge. We see Jack McCoy for what he is.

    This was great episode.
  • Great show!

    Law and Order is really having a great season. This was a terrific show - several good laughs, like the one about Adam Schiff being "grumpy", and we got to see more of the going's on inside the District Attorney's office.

    I think the new ADA is really very entertaining - and the ending from this show, with him giving Jack McCoy a Bobby Kennedy tie pin - was an interesting touch.

    It seems that this season we are getting to know the characters better than in a while and seeing more behind the scenes stuff. I have been watching this show for many years, but this season is some of the very best!
  • Very good episode nice take on police brutality and Mccoy is forced to face his controversial past. It was nice how the show differed from the typical police abuse case. Showing

    Very good episode nice take on police brutality and Mccoy is forced to face his controversial past. It was nice how the show differed from the typical police abuse case. Showing us the tension between the volunteer police and the real cops was interesting. The revolving cast of bad guys was done well but I think the gangbanger was a cheap move it was so obvious it wasn't him. I also liked the fight in the DA's office with Jack having to fire an ADA. This was followed by the great attack on him by the defense. It's amazing how easily one can be labeled but Jack fought back brilliantly with the best line of dialog i've seen on tv in a while. "Where there is a law I'll enforce it, where there is a victim I'll speak for them"
  • A former immigrant, who is now an auxillary police officer, shoots another legal immigrant during an immigration rally - presumably at the order of a superior. There is no gun to match the bullet to, and that puts the prosecution in doubt.

    This is another, excellent 'Hot Button' topic for Dick Wolf and Law & Order to tackle. Jack McCoy really shines in this episode with great, quotable dialogue, and we are in a real quandry (for a while) as to whether the auxillary officer should be held accountable. The byplay between McCoy, regular guest star, John Pankow, playing a 20-year prosecutor who thinks he should have gotten McCoy's appointment, and new DA Cutter is excellent. Detectives Green and Lupo kind of get the day off in this one, but S. Epatha Merkerson gets to spread her wings a little more, so that's a wash on the 'Order' side. We don't know if this is a new direction for the 18-year series or just the kind of thing that keeps cast members happy and gives them an easy week of shooting in front of a hard one. There was, however, one little problem that kept me from giving this a perfect score. It was made very clear that the auxillary officer was barred from carrying a gun on duty and once it was determined that the 'green' order meant use of pepper spray and bean bags only, I, as the defense attorney, would have cut a deal for my client faster than Dick Wolf can replace an old ADA.
  • A woman is shot dead by an auxillary policeman in his attempt to stop rioting demonstrators. The policeman's murder trial causes political trouble for McCoy, who is accused of having a bias against police officers and of following a left-wing agenda.

    This is solid episode with a solid plot and with a little character development thrown in. I liked how McCoy is shown adjusting to his new political position, having to work around politicans and prosecutors trying to protect the policeman from being prosecuted. He seems to getting more disillusioned(sp?) about the political work involved with being the DA. However, he still shows his old idealism by going on the stand to answer accusations of bias rather than doing the recommended press conference and "making a few phone calls". The latter option is for politicians, which McCoy certainly is not. Also, I liked the references to other cases (Gunshow and DWB) during McCoy's tesimony.
  • Absolutely rivoting. Outstanding script, Jack McCoy was outstanding in this epsiode

    Even though Law and Order is in its 18th season, this episode shows that they can still deliver something new and exciting even though they are closing in on their 400th epsiode. This is a must see episode if you love Law and Order. It was an outstanding twist to pit Jack McCoy against one of his Assistant District Attorney's. Not only was it unexpected to fire this individual, but it was exciting to see them duel it out individually on the stand in the court room. This show never fails to amaze me, this is one TV Series that has not only stood the test of time, but also it has withstood so many actor/actress changes. Outstanding, keep up the good work.