Law & Order

Season 19 Episode 12


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2009 on NBC

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  • A cop is shot after a kidnapping and the case leads to Kennedys potential illegitamate son.

    A rather boring episode. The case wasn't especially exciting, and there wasn't much legal drama. **SPOILER** The ending was awful! It's redidulous to believe that this guy would believe Cutter's claim about the DNA test! If he was the son of a Kennedy, he'd be smart enough to check things out before he made any typ of confession. Besides, his lawyer wouldn't have let that meeting go on that long. This one definately earns a filler rating. Law & Order is my favorite series. I wouldn't want to see it end because of mediocre episodes like this. They can do better than that!
  • Shooter McGavin is a Kennedy.

    You have to admire the guts of Law and Order producing an episode where John F. Kennedy cheated on his wife. Sure, the late President has been accused of wrongdoing before, but rarely will you see such a powerful man of history mocked on national television.

    I would like to point out the legal loophole that Jay McIntyre would not serve anytime because of Connie Ruberosa and Michael Cutter lying to him about the DNA test in order to get a confession. Any defense attorney could easily get that case thrown out.

    Outside of that this was a fairly good episode from the opening detective work down to the courtroom scenes.
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