Law & Order

Season 20 Episode 21


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 17, 2010 on NBC

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  • With three episodes remaining, they delivered with 'Immortal.'

    Very well-written episode had no shortage of twists and turns. Being unfamiliar with the 'ripped-from-the headlines' inspiration for the story, I was at a loss for where the case was going. L&O has always been good at keeping the audience guessing, and I was deeply enjoying the suspense. Having missed the episode, I was forced to watch it on my laptop- which I placed in front of the TV in order to capture the feeling of watching a premiere... yes, I know that's sad / weird, but the upcoming cancelation of my favorite show has completely wrecked me- at least, Monk had a full season to say goodbye- however, I will save my venting for my review of the final episode. Back to business: The motive was something we could really care about- really, what an injustice- and for me, it ranked up there with other unforgettable cases, namely, the insurance company that benefitted off of holocaust victims. I like that they used the Lieutenant's story line without an obligatory at home scene with Ernie Hudson. Cutter thoughtlessly exploiting a friend in order to win a case, was not out of character at all- He did it with Connie, McCoy did it with Dr. Olivet- I'll admit it was a bit of a rehash, but I saw it as a way of drawing attention to the similarities between Cutter and McCoy- their tactics, personalities, and drive to win at any cost. I really wish there were another season to look forward to- there is so much unresolved sexual tension left between Cutter and Rubirosa; and one killer oedipal relationship between Cutter and McCoy... these characters need a proper send-off.
  • immortal

    David Costabile (Damages, Flight of the Conchords, Breaking Bad) guest starred here as an evil scientist, but disappointingly, did not have a mad scientist laugh. How this guy gets so much work is mind-boggling.

    But maybe I am just hating on him because before this episode aired news broke that Law and Order had been canceled and would not return for a 21st season, shattering Gunsmoke's record. How NBC could do this is beyond me.

    Tonight's episode just seemed to drag on and never end, and too often this season that has been the case. There may have been a good episode here, a good episode there, but the show is not what it once was. Maybe it is best to go out on a high note.