Law & Order

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 27, 1990 on NBC



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    • Ben Stone: Mrs. Lowenstein, tell the court why you struck your daughter hard enough to kill her.
      Carla Lowenstein: Well, I was loaded, and I really didn't think I had any strength left.
      Ben Stone: Why would you do such a thing?
      Carla Lowenstein: My husband-- He convinced me to.
      Jacob Lowenstein: (jumps out of his seat) She's out of her mind!!
      Judge Erdheim: Dr. Lowenstein! One more outburst, and I'll have you shackled for the remainder of this trial!

    • (Judge Erdheim sentences the Lowensteins.)
      Judge Erdheim: (to Carla) As eloquent as your counsel was in your behalf, you are not the victim here, Mrs. Lowenstein. The victim was an innocent 6-year-old girl who couldn't defend herself. On the count of manslaughter in the first degree, the court sentences you to 7-10 years in a women's correctional facility. (to Dr. Lowenstein) As for you sir, from this seat, I thought I had witnessed every degradation, every monstrosity possible, but you, Doctor, are beyond contempt. You have helped a woman destroy herself. You engineered the tragedy of a little girl's death. But you took pretty good care of yourself, didn't you?
      Jacob Lowenstein: Your Honor, I've lost my family.
      Judge Erdheim: Yes, you have. Jacob Lowenstein, having been found guilty of murder in the second degree by depraved indifference to human life, this court sentences you to 25 years to life in a state penitentiary.

    • Mike Logan: My mother, yeah, she always said she was cut out for something greater than being a wife of a cop from the Lower East Side. God, she was a bottomless pit, it was always, "Give me your undivided attention," but when the old man couldn't take any more and gave her a whack, then she would turn around and whack me -- huh, huh, huh, she always got this look in her eye, you know, then I saw it coming.
      (Max Greevey hangs his head in shock)
      Mike Logan: And that witch in there... she's got that same look.

    • Ben Stone: I didn't hear you knock.
      Shambala Green: That's because I didn't. If I'd have knocked, you would have heard me.
      Ben Stone: I don't doubt that.

    • Eugenia Rawlings: (refering to Logan) Are you in charge of this ape?
      Max Greevey: My cross to bear.

    • Adam Schiff: All right, what bothers you most about this?
      Ben Stone: Well, (shakes his head in utter disbelief) my own rage.
      Adam Schiff: What does your gut tell you?
      Ben Stone: Put 'em in a dungeon, put 'em on a wheel, and annihilate 'em.

    • Mike Logan: Everything's a mirror to her. She holds a dying kid up to it, and all she can see is herself and how it affects her. Now you give her sympathy, she's gonna want to fight. You give her a fight, she's gonna want a kiss. You give her a kiss and I swear to God she'll bite your tongue out.

    • Jacob Lowenstein: Please. That was therapy.
      Mike Logan: For her or for you?
      Jacob Lowenstein: For her! In Reichian therapy, the patient has to--
      Max Greevey: Really get to know the therapist, hmmm?

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  • Allusions

    • Max Greevey: (after listening to Mike Logan's explanation of why a mother abuses a child) You saw this on Oprah or what?
      This is an allusion to The Oprah Winfrey Show where subjects like these are discussed on occasion.

    • Shambala Green: Ethically, I'm Snow White.

      This is a reference to the popular fairy tale character Snow White, written by the Brothers Grimm, meant to suggest purity and innocence.

    • Rudy: Mommie Dearest was dancing around like a whirling dervish.
      Mommie Dearest is a movie about Joan Crawford and her abusive relationship with her adopted children.

    • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the Lisa Steinberg murder case. In 1987, six-year-old Lisa Steinberg was beaten to death by Joel Steinberg, the man who had illegally adopted her. Both Steinberg and his wife were originally charged.

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