Law & Order

Season 20 Episode 16


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 15, 2010 on NBC

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  • Fresh

    Great episode from start to finish. When they do these occasional stories focusing on specific characters ('Strike' highlighted Connie, 'Just a Girl in the World' highlighted Lupo) it brings a fresh dimension to the show. If every ep. had these character revelations it would get old and tiresome, but so far, they seem to use the right opportunities and get great results (who can forget the recent 'For the Defense" which playfully explored Mike's feelings for Connie).

    The investigation was both interesting and emotionally charged- I applaud their choice to begin the episode differently than usual, showing the detectives in pursuit of the suspect, instead of simply discovering the crime. But, of course, not even the tone-setting intro could have prepared one for the shocking revelation about EADA Cutter. Linus Roache's performance in a climactic scene putting his career on the line, refusing to 'plead down' the suspect, exuding the kind of zealous 'outrage' we would expect from Jack McCoy, ended the episode on a high note. For anyone who missed "Innocence", rest assured that it will air on TNT- because they know drama.
  • Cutter is a mad dog!

    This episode had an interesting opening instead of starting at a crime scene, it started with him apprehending the suspect. The episode was more focused on the order aspect of it. This seems like a simple gay-bashing case, but Mike's old mentor is the defense lawyer, tensions arise,and his mentor starts to play dirty. You find out many secrets about. I won't spoil it for you, but it is probably not what you expected. The conclusion was the best part, you see Mike's angry rise, that he became a regular Jack McCoy. One of my favorites of this season. Well thats it.
  • Mike Cutter Character's developement. This episode is an opportunity to learn more about Mike Cutter's life before he becomes an ADA. A great episode. Spoiler alert!

    A great episode. It starts with an arrest of a man who killed an other because he was gay The killer is convicted but the verdict is challenge by Emily Ryan, the director of "Innocence Coalition" who was Cutter's mentor. A battle opposes then Ryan and Cutter, her former student. The battle starts on juridic grounds and finishes in a very personal way, Ryan using every mean to defeat her former student. And here is the opportunity to learn more about Mike Cuter. We knew from an episode that Cutter's parents were Gipsys (I think, from one of the early episode of season 18). This episode shows us a Cutter who was a lonely student, a hard worker, and in a way a self made man .
    We also see an angry, hard Cutter, who is ready to make deals but not at any price. The actors were great (all of them, but specially Cutter, the killer and Emily Ryan), the case was interesting (not very original but I was completely in it) and very good character developement. Superb episode.
  • It is very good... not superb.

    Because it has not much of the Order part. Of curse, we had investigation, we have police work... but not that much. And Cutter is not a legal lawyer? that is simply inadmisible. You expect better in this kind of cases, but for the kind of show, it was an ok turn of events.

    Of curse, McCoy has to fire the dude, and promote the simplistic and non good lawyer girl to do the hard cases. I prefeer a change of scenary and the prosecutor from SVU coming to this show. Or someone from the TNT series that been cancelled at the end of last year...
  • Innocence

    Awesome episode of Law and Order that has restored my faith in the series. You would think that after 20 seasons the show would be fresh out of ideas, but they somehow managed to put on an original and compelling episode tonight.

    Some people might think that having Cutter never graduate law school might have been the show jumping the shark, and it very well may have, but it was still something no one saw coming and had my jaw on the floor when it happened.

    Great episode tonight, but I wish they would better utilize Jack McCoy. Now he just comes in for two seasons, shouts at Cutter and then leaves.
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