Law & Order

Season 13 Episode 20

Kid Pro Quo

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 30, 2003 on NBC

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  • McCoy Is A Scumbag

    I really hate Jack McCoy. I wanted to smash his face in with a sledge hammer.
  • Not one of the finest episodes, but still a great watch

    Worth watching, just for the dig at rival programme CSI at the start of the programme (Lenny Briscoe: "Those crime scene guys are overrated. That's the problem with them, they all think they're cops.")

    The rest of the episode is standard stuff; rich white guy gtes his kid into a plush school at the expense of a talented black kid. Bribery is suspected and the (very British) headmaster is hauled into court by McCoy to face the rap.

    The main problem is that the evidence doesn't really stack up - you watch the rest of the programme waiting for them to reveal some hitherto unknown piece of damning evidence, but it never arrives. The trial part of the programme is therefore pretty disappointing, although it's nice to see lab rat Beck answering back to the smarmy rich guy's lawyer.
  • Gritty!

    One of the few peaks of the series in terms of quality. Braces a subject that is not talked about publicly as it effects everyone with a child - school applications.

    This episodes takes this subject to a fatal level when a teacher in charge of submissions is found dead. As the team plough through each scene we are taken through the viewpoint of kids, teachers and competing parents as the competition for school entrance has become as cut-throat as anything else in life.

    Here though the twist is that, its not the parents that will ultimately go to any lengths to acquire a spot for their offspring, but that those at the school who turn their focus on the fairness of the selection process to one of securing as much money as tehy can.

    Well worth a view.
  • This would make a great companion piece to "Recital For Organ," from Season 1.

    In that episode, Ben Stone proved that money cannot buy life, itself.

    But, in this episode, a prep school that boasts how only merit counts (regarding student admissions) prove themselves to be just as big a bunch of green-collar hypocrites as some of their students' wealthy parents.

    The school's headmaster wants to buy his expensive apartment because the whole building is going co-op. But, he can't afford the asking price on his salary. And, the building's owner won't give him a discount because of the financial problems he's having with the construction company's mobbed-up owner.

    But, the latter launders his money through "adult film" production. And, the producer in question wants to get his six-year-old son into the prep school!

    Let the back-scratching commence.

    The outraged scholarship director at the school finds out, and threatens to publicly expose the headmaster. Only to get beaten to death with her own cane.

    The headmaster is ultimately arrested, tried, and found guilty. But, does the five-year-old daughter of the black bus driver, who rightfully deserved the scholarship, get it awarded to her by default?


    And, fictional story or not, I have a bad feeling that such hypocrisy is more prevalent--in real life--than anybody of any socioeconomic background is willing to admit.