Law & Order

Season 19 Episode 5

Knock Off

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 03, 2008 on NBC

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  • Another Excellent Episode! L&O is Revived!

    Well, this season was a make-or-break for L&O, and I'm delighted that, so far, it's definitely been a resounding Success.

    In this episode, we get no heavy courtroom scenes in New York, which opens up the story for some great action and situations.

    In particular, the "hick town" police threatening two of the regular characters, and then a puppet-judge fouling the NYPD and DA's pursuit of justice, bring a real tension to the episode.

    Some of this episode follows in the series done by the NY Times recently about the abysmal quality of judges in these small towns in NY state, and some follows from corruption in the NY state Governor's office.

    Truly a great episode!
  • Probably the best episode of the season.

    It's small town vs. big city as the cast of Law and Order finds themselves struggling to get a murder conviction. A great and refreshing derivation from the normal formula of the show where we saw Cyrus Lupo get arrested and bond with ADA Michael Cutter.

    Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galatica) had a good guest spot as a nervous, self-defense-trained rape victim, although her purpose and on screen presence completely disappeared in the second half of the episode. More importantly there were not too many twists and turns that it made things impossible for the viewer to follow. The story was predictable but was an entertaining ride along the way.

    The Jack McCoy and Governor Shalvoy scenes are kind of boring but seeing an angry Sam Waterston spewing legal jargon never seems to get old.

    Law and Order really is becoming a must-watch TV show this year as they keep delivering high-quality episodes to us on a weekly basis. The courtroom drama may not be dead after all.
  • Corruption galore

    Very well done episode about a small town and the secrets that lie within. A man from a small upstate town is murdered and a corrupt sheriff, a judge who is controlled (and is not all together there anyway), and a dropped rape case from six years ago all seem to figure into the mix until some "glitched" video suggests authority from higher up the scale is involved including the governor who has the highest of praise for this sheriff. When the ADA's seem to be at a dead end, in steps Jack McCoy with, let's say, a different angle to get at the truth.
  • The team, probing the possibility that a murder suspect was framed, encounter hostile police, a possibly corrupt sheriff, and disappeared evidence.

    If the rest of the season is as good as this episode was, I will definitely(sp?) start watching it regularly.

    1- Plot- The first strong point of this episode is the plot. It is denser than I've come to expect from the newer seasons of this show, and very little of it is filler. The twists are intellegent, not random-just-for-the-hell-of-it twists. 2- Character Development - We see more of Lupo's ever-growing (but far from perfect) knowledge of the law in this episode. And his knowledge of Chinese. McCoy finally decides to run for DA. Also, we see another clash between McCoy and the Governor Shalvoy. 3- Acting- Each of the main actors gives a solid performance. IMHO, Sisto and Roache stood out.