Law & Order

Season 18 Episode 3


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2008 on NBC

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  • Reverse the argument

    The writers looked at one side about the gay gene argument in saying that being gay is no longer a choice. Why would this be great for gays and lesbians. If the gay gene is true that means unborn children can be screened and aborted if they have the gene.
  • Liberal fantasy about a gay gene" that targets Christian (Bible-thumpers) as likely murderers.

    I've been frustrated by the Hollywood liberal storylines on L&O to the point of not watching new episodes for some years. The writers have always had the liberal bias, smearing Christians and conservatives. In tonight's episode, they created something that does not exist in reality, a gay gene"!

    Once again, the token Christians were referred to as "Bible thumpers", while they made clear the shows' biased point (for those of us less "enlightened"): that this gene would mean that homosexuality is not a choice. As ususal, the "homophobia" charge was thrown around, but the term that seems appropriate for this programming is Christianphobia.

    I wish, as I have for years, that they would make a good show without the liberal propaganda that contributes to the moral decline of a whole society!
  • A very interesting episode really didn't see the angle of DNA research and what it may bring. The case started out simple enough with a security guard being blown up by a pipe bomb. At first we didn't know if it was an accident being that

    A very interesting episode really didn't see the angle of DNA research and what it may bring. The case started out simple enough with a security guard being blown up by a pipe bomb. At first we didn't know if it was an accident being that someone else was the target but the show quickly made it seem as if the bombing was about the guard. Then we had to figure if it was a lover or an abusive husband. Finding out it was all to prevent her from having a potentially gay son was mindblowing. To think that any old kooky diagnosis masked as science could push someone to murder is frightening. Unlike another reviewer of this episode if you paid attention. You can give the show kudos for not making the killer a crazy Christian but did raise the possible as they should have. Not a great episode but points for going against the grain no matter how minor.
  • Loved the theme, disappointed by the execution

    I guess the writers are still trying to establish some more partner relations (namely Green/Lupo and McCoy/Cutter), which has made Season 18 a bit different than the previous ones, but I feel like I'm missing so much of the story -- and a lot of courtroom scenes.

    This episode's plot had great potential. The bomb attack leading due to an attempted hit against a scientist pushing the boundaries? Sure, it might seem a few years late (like when the stem cell research debate was really raging), but the idea of the gay gene" is definitely a great plot device. However, I felt like this episode ended up being less about this good idea and more about a detective chase. If this episode aired a few years ago with Jack McCoy, you know there would've been a lot of ADA chats and a really dramatic cross-x in the courtroom. But this episode was filtered down to 80% detective work, 10% good idea, and 10% dramatic family tension (when the son admits that he's gay).

    I really like L&O for being able to provide the action and the philosophy, but I felt like this episode hardly developed the latter.
  • Getting back to the legal issues instead of recreating headlines.

    ok so the coincidences involved in the plot were a little too much. However it explored an interesting topic. And while I hate when they just 'rip headlines', I don't mind an exploration of a topical debate. What would homophobes do if they could tell the sexuality of a child? (though you'd think those kind of people wouldn't be willing have abortions either).

    My favorite part was actually the exploration of legal technicalities around new technology. The question of whether "plain sight" applies to a tiny screen on a cell phone was interesting. Or if the detective can see the screen is he allowed to take that information by emailing it?

    These are the kind of questions that really interest me and why I watch Law & Order. The last couple years were lacking in this, so it's nice to see a return to this.
  • DNA research gone wild!

    Another good episode from Law & Order. (mind you there might be some spoilers in this review). I should say it's a typical episode that we've come to expect.

    In this case, there is an explosion of a package being delivered. The boys are on the case and we see things slowly revealed. We're led to a doctor studying DNA, specifically a gay gene. This character is played very well by Grant Shaud (from Murphy Brown fame). Of course no one on the show wants to know they're going to have a gay baby. Never the less, the detectives find out who is involved by looking at a Blackberry that they shouldn't have so as usual some evidence is thrown out.

    The prosecutors have their work cut out for them and there is a twist at the end.

    If I may for a thing I enjoy about Law and Order are the judges they use. In this episode it's Peter Parros. Yes, the judges have small parts, but they always portray judges as they really are. And they use them over and over again so as not to show an endless litany of judges.

    Not outstanding this episode, but a fine one we've come to expect.