Law & Order

Season 1 Episode 1

Prescription for Death

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 13, 1990 on NBC

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  • The first episode of the successful Law and Order francise. Here the viewer gets a good look at police work and prosecution from arrest to trial. When a young woman dies in a hospital having only suffered a head cold, police investigate the

    I have caught the occasional Law and Order epsiode, but being someone who likes to watch a show from the first episode through, I never really followed it. But now that I have caught at least the first half of the first season, I know that this is a show I can't wait to see the next episode for. You can tell by the camera work and look of the video that this is a rough show from the beginning. That is not a problem because the substance of the show is the story and this first epsiode really grabbed attention. Getting to see the work that the detectives AND the prosecutors go through is very interesting. I like Noth alot, but I can't say the same about his partner. I find him too loud and crass. The prosecutors, on the other hand, make this show shine for me. Moriarty is the type of person I would expect to be a prosecutor. Intelligent and sharp, it is a great sight to see him in court. Most of the episodes have a little twist at the end, and this is no exception. So far, it is the best way to end the show yet, not only rewarding to the viewer, but also insightful about one of the characters. Overall, this was a great introductory episode.