Law & Order

Season 20 Episode 4

Reality Bites

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2009 on NBC

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  • Reality (TV) Bites--Amen to that!

    That this episode exposed the detriments of reality television certainly helped me to like it, and that it featured one of my favorite comedians in a dramatic role certainly didn't hurt matters either. Jim Gaffigan turns in a strong performance as the reality show father turned killer. I appreciate the writers' choice to make this script play off of the Jon and Kate debacle but to twist it in a new context. By making the victims a group of handicapped children and their kindly adoptive mother, this sad issue feels even more salient to the viewer than it did with the Gosselins. I also liked that the fight between the reality show parents is about the show itself and not their own inability to keep it in their pants. Again, the issue feels more important that way.

    I applaud Law and Order for tackling a timely issue in this episode that is NOT a political one as much as a social one. While I really like the cast in the last few seasons and I'm very glad the show is still going strong, I do get a little weary of the overly politicized subject matter that has been cropping up more and more these days.
  • Good episode.

    It was the night of sitcom stars guesting on Law and Order. Jim Gaffigan of My Boys played a Jon Gosselin type, Judith from Two and a Half Men was a defense attorney and Michael Showalter from Michael and Michael Have Issues was a weirdo producer for Larry Johnson's reality show.

    The episode was fun and relevant to all the nauseating "news" we have to hear about Jon and Kate plus a Headache. Things progressed quickly and I loved Jack McCoy's crack about, "What ever happened to the Cosbys?" followed by Michael Cutter uttering, "They didn't have enough kids." That kind of comedy was reminiscent of the Jerry Orbach days.