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  • Law and order

    I like watching police programmes.
  • Worse actor in this series maybe in tv history

    How Milena Govich ever got a part on this show is baffling she had to sleep with someone seriously she can not act. Now before the haters start it could have been a woman she slept with I don't know but there is no way anyone can say she got the job for her talented acting ! I know she was only on for 1 season 1 to many I do not know how they wrote her off I am just glad they did. I watch the re-runs and every time I tune in and see it is season 17 I can not help but think how did she ever get this job. I am serious I have not seen and episode with her in it were I can not help but go my god that acting is terrible. It probably is the reason the show only lasted 3 more seasons people just could not watch a show with such bad casting. season's 1 thru 16 get a 10 seasons 18 thru 20 get a 8.5 and season 17 you can see the score below and it would be lower but that was the lowest it would let me score it.
  • Law and order

    I watch this show all the time but I have seen reruns over and over why can't you make some new ones I know them by heart so just watch something else please we need new law and orders!
  • Not perfect, but great

    I'm only posting this so all the reviews don't say 10-stars. It's a good drama, but not a perfect one.
  • Fantastic show, but ALL the reviews can't be 10.0!

    There are only a couple of things about the show that I don't like. Firstly, if the detectives ever tell a witness they can protect them it's a given that that witness will be attacked and almost certainly die. Very formulaic. Secondly, there's a lot of legal pro forma stuff that gets very repetitive. The DA, for example, will routinely ask for Remand and the defense will ask ROR. Pretty much every show. If all they're going to cover is bail, they really could skip all of the arraignments. Just tell us the outcome. At least they don't make us sit through the full Maranda every time they put the cuffs on someone. Finally, important characters have a tendency to vanish from the show with little or no fanfare. And I'm not just talking about Elliot. That said, I own every episode and think this is one of the best crime dramas that's ever been on television.
  • Best drama I ever saw

    Excellent work on the writing. Excellent work on the character development. Excellent job at portraying the emotions and struggles of a real police investigation and trial. What`s not to like about this great show?
  • L&O amazing

    I want to see a spin-off of Law & Order, taking place in my home town of Baltimore. I really love this show, especially Mike Logan and Lennie Briscoe.

  • Dick Wolf.. New Milleniums Jack Webb

    Wolf amd Webb were and are masters of crime really should think about a made for tv movie blending masterful characters like Bobby and and since Adam 12 movie isbeing made how bout old case with walk ons by Mc Cord and Milner? Ed Asner still acts in his 80's no reason Milner couldn't! They did Perry Mason think its time yo think of a l n o bad Meloni coildnt do a walk on!
  • Make a movie with all the actors

    I think it is such an AWSOME show I love all of them I think they should make a movie and combine all of the law & order and SVU and major case I would love to see Mariska naked she is still hot and one or two of the female DA's but I wouldn't care if they didn't just would love to see a movie but with all the same actors I hate it when they make a movie from a tv show and try amd use famous actors its not the same like miami vice movie that sucked should have been Don Johnson and Philip Michel Tomas any way hope some dose make a movie or at least bring back the show

  • Title is fine

    I have watched Law and Order for many years, and have always enjoyed it until now.

    I am sad to say that Anthony Anderson cannot act, and is quite horrible to look at. I still turn the programme on but I listen rather than watch
  • R.I.P. Law and will be sorely missed.

    I will always watch the re runs when they come of the best shows in the last 30 years...
    For 20 years, the original Law and Order showed the trials and tribulations of NY's Finest. we got to see the rise of one Jack McCoy in what has to be one of the longest running character roles in tv history...We saw the strength of Lt. Van Buren..not since Claire Huckstable has a black woman portrayed such courage and strength in her character as S. Epatha Merkerson...showing the various ways that characters left the show points to the versatility of the writers. This show was not afraid to paint a not-so-pretty picture of the police dept. in some episodes..and then turn around and show the true heart and dedication that real police would have doing their duty. I loved this show from beginning to end...An all time classic when the conversation turns to the most entertaining dramas of all time
  • One of the longest running, all time great crime-legal dramas.

    Episode after episode, season after season, Law and Order is one of television's all time great epic crime and courtroom drama shows. I've never seen a poorly written or produced episode in all this time that it's been on the air, no not once. It seems that whenever some bizarre or unprecedented crime happens in real life...something that makes the news and stays there for weeks on end, you can almost expect the writers and producers of Law and Order to base one of their own shows on the general subject and do a slam-bang up job of it. This is the kind of show people remember for years after it's left the air.
  • What does NBC think it's doing?

    The show has a break for 2 weeks for thanksgiving, comes back for a week and now is off until 2 weeks into january 2010, This is one way to lose confidence in a brand for television, no consistency . NBC schedulers must be morons. I would love to know the reason for this , special shows filling in or is it just stretching t5he series over alonger period. Is it going to be the 24 shows per series? I wait with baited breath for answers, waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting for an answer hope a contributor can help
  • One of the best dramas on television.

    I have a particular interest for criminal justice so naturally I would love this show. It's hard to believe that this show got canceled. It was such a great drama program. The first half of this hour-long show usually involves the police searching for the suspect in a murder. The suspect that they arrest can be from all places in today's society. The second half of the show involves the ADA prosecuting the suspect. You never really know what is going to happen at this point. The suspect may plead out, be found guilty, be acquitted, the ADA may dismiss the charges, or suspect may plead out to testify against a newly revealed suspect. There is often a twist in the plot during both parts of the show. I don't think I 'am ever going to be bored with this show even now that it has been canceled. It's an awesome show!
  • Great show that redefined the cop genera and changed

    Great show that redefined the cop genera and changed the face of television forever. Starting in 1990 the behind the scenes with the lawyers doubled with the cops on the street was a first of it's kind. The cast full of know movie and television stars of the seventies and eighties. Made the stories compelling and the acting was superb. Another genera defying aspect of the show was the then shocking ripped from the headlines stories we were given each week. Never before had true crime been virtually lifted from the news and turned into a work of fiction and the results were riveting. Contrary to what some may say I feel the cast changes helped the show along and kept it fresh. Also this brought in more of who Hollywood had to offer and many really great actors I never would've seen I was able to thanks to this show. The program was an institution don't know why it got canceled but it surely will be missed.
  • This is the best show on TV, hands down. I have watched Law & Order religiously since it first aired in 1990. I still watch reruns I've seen hundreds of times. The powers that be better keep this show running to break all the records, #1 across the board.

    The best show and franchise on television. When your tired of all the "dumb" shows on television - one show stands out. Coy, Sarcastic humor mixed in with surreal intrigue and a deep suspension of disbelief. No aliens, spaceships, idiotic humor, or super-spy-gadgets. Real drama that could just as easily be real life. The closest thing to being a reality show without being yet another stupid reality show. As a Police Officer, the procedures are almost spot-on with very few "Oh, that would never happen!" outbursts. I can truly say that Law & Order has even helped with real-life investigations. It shows the human element and forces you to think. That's what TV _SHOULD_ be. I am tired of all these "idiot humor" shows and all the "stupid reality" shows. I want smarter and more intelligent humor. Law & Order is one of those shows, but we need more. Hopefully Law & Order lives on for another 18 seasons. I would be the first one protesting outside of NBC if they ever cancel this show - and I can assure you, I certainly won't be the ONLY one.
  • This show has GONE WAY DOWNHILL

    I retired after 30 as a police sergeant and my daughter is a Sheriff SO do the writers of law & order have a brain disorder because I have never seen one detective let alone two detectives who work homicide's go out with beards let alone lousy beards. These idiots do not work undercover so why do these writers feel it is necessary to give them beards to make the show work........... This was never done before and for good reason.... the tv audience is not stupid only the writers are. Don's these writers look around? I have not seen any detectives or patrol officers with beards, goatee's, pony tails, etc. This has been a great show for years so how about going back to reality.
  • It's the best. Great drama about the jobs and no melodrama about the characters.

    This show is the formula for great drama. Write about the jobs and not the characters. Good drama is derived from the struggle between the person and the world that happens around and to them. Not between a person and their own naughty parts. And it may be regrettable to the regular cast, but the hard drama of depravity must be left for the guest stars. And no bad guys in the regular cast, make brand new ones every time. And give strong closure every week. Don't string the audience along from episode to episode. It's better that we can just jump into any episode. And if there is romance, break the mold and show life-long loves and partnerships.
  • A fantastic show

    Law and Order is such a great show. I have not seen all the episodes from the beginning, but the episodes i have seen have all been great. The show is set into two parts. First the police story, what ever it may be. Then after the police have caught the person resposible the lawyers take over and they sentence them. Law and order is such a unique show which has led to three other spin offs being made from it. Law and Order SVU, Law and Order CI and Law and Order Trail by Jury. I have to say that i am a huge fan and i love the show.
  • Move over Gunsmoke.

    Isn't it hard to believe that a simple crime show could last so long with all the cast changes? For those who have not been following the series from the beginning, or on the endless reruns on A&E or TNT or from the spin offs, I have one question: Where have you been?
    Careers, relationships, politics all change over the course of a generation and so has Law and Order changed. Think about how you were when this sereis started and how you have changed. My hat is off to the creators, writers and actors who never mail in their performances.
  • Still the BEST show on NBC!

    Yeah "Law & Order" is the best show on NBC to this date! Sure I think ER should have stayed around longer like L&O but I think L&O is the best drama that NBC could ever come up with. I enjoy the spinoff L&O: SVU too.

    But this season for L&O is tops! (whether the ratings prove it to be so or not, NBC should move the show back to Wednesdays at 10PM) I'll admit the season started off rockey but by the time we got to the episode "Boy Gone Astray" the season really took off (for me anyway)! Sisto and Anderson (Lupo/Bernard) have the fifth best partnership on the series (other than Briscoe (Orbach)/Logan (Noth), Briscoe/Curtis (Bratt), Briscoe/Green (Martin), and Green/Lupo).

    And you can't ignore Roache and de la Garza as Mike Cutter and Connie Rubirossa. I mean those two are the first EADA/ADA pair I've liked in the office since McCoy (Waterston) and Kincaid (Hennessy).

    In which you can't forget veteran stars S. Epatha Merkerson (who is leaving this season, so sad.) and Sam Waterston! They basically have made the series what it is the last 15 or so seasons!

    "Law & Order" to me is "An hour of television that holds on and doesn't let go!" May NBC, TNT, and Dick Wolf let the good times roll and keep the show breaking records!
  • sucks was good though

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  • law and order one of the best shows ever made and one of the longest running shows ever.

    law and order is a crime show that the people help solve the murders or rapes or children aductions and other stuff that you would see being solved in court. its a really good show that had a lot of sad cases and winning momenets for justice. and the stores were just really well made it was a very interesting show that made you keep coming back for the next episode and oviouly this show was big and cause other show to be made like it like and other spin offs of the show like they made law and order svu and crimanal intent . this is a great show but too bad its ending .
  • Still a great show.

    This is still a very good show. The actors come and go but the show doesn't lose a step. S. Epatha Merkerson is terrific and the rest of the cast does a great job. I do have some minor complaints, though. Some of the story lones are a little far fetched. I know that after 18 years it's hard to keep things fresh. Another problem is Sam Waterston as the DA. His character just does not fit into that position. He gets too involved in cases. He's deifinitely the weakest of the show's four DA's. I still look forward to new episodes.
  • My favorite crime-based show.

    Law & Order is a very good show. I love all the different unique episodes that feature a certain crime being committed in every episode, where it usually involves a murder. When a crime is comitted, those cool detectives are on the case! I think the actors do their job very well, and each one fits their roles perfectly. This show is still fun to watch in my opinion, it is entertaining seeing all of these different murder or other mystery crimes, where it is up to the detectives and their cop squad to find evidence and look for the right culprit! I still stay tuned for some new episodes every now and then for Law & Order. Exchange sounds like a good episode, I'll have to see if I can catch that new episode.
  • Terrific episode, yet unfinished. A cliffhanger indeed. Fascinating story line with justice not met. Bring it back!

    Great episode. I felt as if it were a cliff hanger. Clearly, Vivica Fox's character was guilty and the wrong person was sent to prison. Bring the story back and have closure to this episode. Unfinished. Addidtionaly, I would love to see more of the guy who played "Dewey". He is Tony - nominated actor, Lou Liberatore. Great stage actor who tore up the stage with John Malcovich in Broadway's "Burn This". His talent was underutilized in this episode. Bring him back too!He actually looks a bit like Hugh Laurie (HOUSE). I could see him playing his brother.
  • Still a decent show.

    I like the fact that the show still holds some of what made it popular to begin with. I think that they have a few good actors left and they still manage to put some pretty good drama out on television. But there are a couple things I didn't like about the show. It got rid of some of the better cast members like Jesse L. Martin. I also didn't like that they pretty much changed the environment of the core of the show. Not as amny familiar faces makes it more difficult for me to get comfortable. Overall, it's still a decent show. Thank you.
  • One of the few shows, that it doesn't matter if you've never seen it before, you can still get into it easily, and love it.

    From rape victims, to physco killing child prodigy's, the plots of the episodes never cease to amaze me. You almost always find it on some channel, and no matter what you can always get into it. I always run excitedly to the nearest sitting area upon hearing the "bum, bum" of the theme song. And even towards the last 10 minutes of the show, when the killer is found and charged, they're able to fit in a whole nother back story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, wanting to know what's going to happen. Overall, this show could never get old, nothing is repeated, everything is very original, and interesting.
    A must see.
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