Law & Order

Season 20 Episode 23

Rubber Room

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 24, 2010 on NBC

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  • Hell ya

    Bring back the original show. I can`t see how it can lose. As a fan of anything law and order but my strongest feelings have always been with the original show. I don`t think they gave Law and Order LA a fair chance. It waterston is back in this one I can`t see how the network couldn`t take a premium on advertising time. It is probably one of the strongest brands on tv. Bring it back and leave it back.
  • Good Riddance

    I'm writing this not to praise this show but to condemn it It was difficult to watch uber liberal scumbag Sam Waterston.
  • Best episode ever, now we need a 21st season!

    Mr. Rene Balcer really outdid himself Monday night! It's one of the best episodes of "Law & Order" in it's history since Balcer's been back (season 17)! Even though the ratings would disagree (7.60 million)

    The acting from all the actors was the best I've seen on this show and it's spinoffs. This TOPS Law & Order: SVU's "Shattered" and CI's "Loyalty"!

    A couple of good words here:
    "Sam Waterston shines!", "S. Epatha Merkerson is simply breath taking!", "NBC's best drama!", "So smooth, it's criminal.", "An hour of television that holds on and doesn't let go.", "A++", "Jeremy Sisto, Anthony Anderson, Linus Roache, and Alana de la Garza give the show it's youth!", "A show with a guilty verdict of being enjoyable!"

    Where is season 21 at? It's not fair, if the writers would follow where Rene Balcer left the show, it would be excellent. We NEED this show RENEWED! Let's tell NBC! TNT, USA Network, CBS, FOX, anybody!
  • Simply the BEST!!

    And I mean, all of it: the cast, stories, chemistry, laws, flaws... I grew up watching this show and was always a pleasure. The final episode was absolutely great. I loved how the story wasn't just about some terrorism stuff, ticking bombs and SWAT all over the place. It showed more complex side when teaching, a job that is these days so hard and sometimes dangerous. I liked it a lot because a few of my friends (and some in my family) are teachers too. It also showed us when we have (or don't have) that right to enter into personal lives of everyone in the world when it comes to these kinds of threats etc. Well, L&O, it was a great ride! I know some may say that last season wasn't so great but IMHO it was good. For one show to get so many years and fans, to have its "kids" shows, to stay interesting and fun and still develop characters that we loved and followed. many ups and downs, some so-so episodes, some wonderful and sad stories...In Sinatra's words...that's life..And my oh my, it was a good one with L&O!
  • This 10 is for the show.

    The perfect 10 rating is for the show- my favorite show. Give me a thumbs down and risk facing Jack McCoy's outrage... maybe not, but spiritually yes, because no other show was like Law & Order, and here are a few of the reasons why: 1) Who but Jerry Orbach could take the grimmest or corniest one-liner imaginable and make it gold every time? 2) Who but Steven Hill could take the qualities of grumpiness and cynicism and make them completely endearing. 3) If we lived in a perfect world, Jack McCoy would be foaming at the mouth right now and by means of a mesmerizing closing argument somehow convince NBC to give Law & Order its final record-breaking season. So many of the things that made this show a ratings juggernaut in the 1990's are gone and yet for anyone who kept watching, it was still solid entertainment right to the very end. When they announced that Sam Waterston would become the DA, and that the brilliant arguments would be delivered by a British actor named Linus Roache, I was completely baffled... but then there is a reason why L&O has lasted for 20 seasons, isn't there? Like its detectives it followed its intuition, and in the process introduced us to Jill Hennessy, S. Epetha Merkerson, Chris Noth, Alana De La Garza, Jesse L. Martin, Jeremy Sisto.... the amazing thing is that I could actually keep going, because for 20 great years, the people have been represented by two separate yet equally important groups, and they've done us proud.
  • Rubber Room

    On Sunday night the greatest drama of all time, Lost, signed off for the last time. Tonight, a definite top five show, when you look at its entire body of work, had its last episode. While it made sure there were no loose ends as we found out Anita is cancer free, it definitely did not give us the closure Law and Order fans deserve.

    I became a fan a little over three and a half years ago when a teacher started showing my class episodes of Law and Order during class to help us learn about the law. I started watching new episodes, I started watching old ones. I saw Jerry Orbach, Jesse L. Martin, Milena Govich, Fred Thompson, Chris Noth, Jeremy Sisto, I saw all the characters and the great actors this show has had to play them. I grew to appreciate Dick Wolf's excellent series so when I found out that it would not set the record for 21 seasons on the air I was a bit hurt.

    Law and Order was never the water cooler show, but it was always among TV's most respected programs. And it went out with a good episode revolving around teachers getting pushed to the limit, and students getting pushed even further. It was entertaining, and it was relevant, something the show has not always been.

    Law and Order went out with a great episode and I am going to miss it not being a part of the NBC lineup. Hopefully its spin-off series, Los Angeles, fills that void for us.