Law & Order

Season 19 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2008 on NBC

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  • Anger over a questionable involuntary manslaughter plea leads to a massive street fight, killing three. McCoy orders Cutter to go after the brawlers using a peculiar terrorism theory.

    I feel this was a okay episode. This episode seems to me as having definite high and low points.

    High point- The characters. This episode did very well at showing us more of McCoy and Cutter. McCoy, in the pursuit of justice, has always been happy to come up with any theory of law that would allow him to get his man. These theories sometimes go from clever to political to asinine. However, when he goes too far, the DA is there to call him off. The problem is, now he is the DA, and until the election, he can do whatever he pleases. Cutter appears to be becoming the new voice of reason. Roache, IMO, is doing very well with his role. He stands out in all of his scenes.

    Low point- Plot. Nothing gave me the impression that the writers put any real effort into the script. The dialogue, the detective half (where the shop keeper remembers who the girl was from somewhere else- how many people are there in NYC?), the underworld fireman-stockbroker fight club, the bizarro law half, and the defendant's testimony all struck me as sub-standard. Although, of course, I'll always take this over CSI.

    Middle point- Anderson's acting. I'm not sure where I stand on Det. Bernard or Anderson just yet. His lines struck me as poorly delivered, but they were pretty poor to begin with. The "pun" was godawful, as was Bernards newfound interview tactic of flashing a picture and saying "This man was beaten to death.". I think this is more the writers fault, they didn't give him anything to work with.
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