Law & Order

Season 18 Episode 16


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 07, 2008 on NBC

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  • Good way to bring freshness to the Order half.

    Haven't written a L&O review in a while but...
    Great Connie episode. I have a lot of respect for Alana DeLaGarza, who came in the same season as the infamous Milena Govitch- and has really proved herself an asset to this show. The chemistry between Rubirosa and Cutter is as always very fun and the situation really allowed Waterston to shine and prove that even with reduced screentime, Jack McCoy will never lose that endearing 'outrage' that we have come to know and love. The first half was kind of blah but the premise of having the DAs office both prosecute and defend without compromising the prinicpals of an adversarial system is a refreshing plot device and shows that other crime dramas can still learn from a show in its eighteenth season.
  • Wonderful Connie episode

    I have liked Alana De La Garza from day 1 and think she has been a terrific addition to the show. Her interactions with Cutter and McCoy are enjoyable and Jack's new role has worked out well. This episode provides Connie with a chance to shine as, due to a legal aid strike and shortage of defense lawyers, a judge assigns her to defend the man she showed in court to arraign. She ends up on the other side and does such a terrific job defending her client that Cutter confides to Jack that she 'eviscerated' him in court and they both agree that they'd be in trouble if she went to work for the other side. Connie's determination to stick to her principles and Jack's defense of her are great moments.
    This was a refreshingly new episode and I have not seen a plot like this before. Season 18 has been my favorite by far since the final Briscoe and Green year. I was concerned that the show would lose a lot with the departure of Jesse Martin, but so far I like Anthony Anderson. I think he's a good addition to the team.
  • Playing for the other team.

    Nice twist this week, where ADA Connie Rubirosa is forced by a judge to defend an accused suspect due to the legal aid workers on strike.

    This is a story-line that I don't believe we've seen and Alana De la Garza does a wonderful job with it. She shows how lawyers are ethically challenged no matter which side of the aisle they sit on. It doesn't matter that the defendent was guilty or innocent, it was how Rubirosa handled herself. Interaction with ADA Cutter is also a plus here with him initially getting slammed by here legal deftness.

    I also like the chemistry between Anthony Anderson's detective and Lupo. Jack McCoy also makes something of a cameo giving Connie advice and telling the troops he'll have no more shenanagins, lay-off her she is just doing her job.

    One of the better written stories of the season. Not just a whodunnit, but a bit of a character study of ADA Connie Rubirosa. Nice job.
  • Ribarosa flexes her ADA muscles in this not-so subtle nod to events during the Writer's Strike.

    The paralegal force is on strike, picketing the courthouses and leaving the lawyer's offices in turmoil. One outspoken strike captian is run down by a car (shades of Rene Balcer's "bumping" incident, *grin*) and the detectives realize that he was caught up in a former murder case with a ex con who'd just got out of prison for murdering his wife. Back on trial for the murder of the strike captain, the ex con snags ADA Ribarosa as his defense lawyer, pitting her against Cutter for the first time. I think this was a wonderful episode for DelaGarza, as she proves that Connie isn't just a pretty face around the courthouse. She bests Cutter in front of the judge and has him admitting to McCoy later, that he "hopes she never decides to change sides permenatly." I like her development, as she fights for her client, but is always aware of where she stands with Cutter - even if he's pissing her off. She steps over a few lines in the process, but in the end, she get justice - but not in the form one would expect. They should let Connie step into the lime light more often.