Law & Order

Season 18 Episode 16


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 07, 2008 on NBC

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  • Playing for the other team.

    Nice twist this week, where ADA Connie Rubirosa is forced by a judge to defend an accused suspect due to the legal aid workers on strike.

    This is a story-line that I don't believe we've seen and Alana De la Garza does a wonderful job with it. She shows how lawyers are ethically challenged no matter which side of the aisle they sit on. It doesn't matter that the defendent was guilty or innocent, it was how Rubirosa handled herself. Interaction with ADA Cutter is also a plus here with him initially getting slammed by here legal deftness.

    I also like the chemistry between Anthony Anderson's detective and Lupo. Jack McCoy also makes something of a cameo giving Connie advice and telling the troops he'll have no more shenanagins, lay-off her she is just doing her job.

    One of the better written stories of the season. Not just a whodunnit, but a bit of a character study of ADA Connie Rubirosa. Nice job.