Law & Order

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 15, 1993 on NBC

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  • Best episode of the entire series!

    This to me has always been the best episode of the entire series. The story itself does not make it such, but it was what the episode did do: Serve as a warning to the producers of what were back in 1993 (when this episode originally aired) the extremely popular tabloid TV talk shows that something like what happened on "Jenny Jones" (where a man was killed following a taping of an episode of that show in 1995) two years after this episode originally aired could if the producers were not careful. Rick Mason (Robert Klein) was a fiction version of your typical such show host back then from what I remember.
  • Television blaming television? It is possible.

    The story of a talk show host creating friction that leads to murder may have looked farfetched in the early nineties, but the producers/writers of Law & Order accurately predicted the future. I wonder how people watched this episode at its original broadcast. I saw it in 2007, with famous incidents such as the one on Jenny Jones in the back of my head. This meant that I could see through the plot a bit sooner than the original viewers, I guess. Putting the blame for a murder at a talk show's feet must have come as quite of a shock (or as completely unbelievable) to them.
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