Law & Order

Season 11 Episode 15

Swept Away - A Very Special Episode

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2001 on NBC



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    • Jack McCoy: Mr. Cardorette, did the defendant ever asked you to conduct a specific research as to any members of the cast to deal with it?
      Mr. Cardorette: Yes.
      Jack McCoy: What did that entail?
      Mr. Cardorette: I was given a list of varying preferences. For example, the least objectionable character, character the most desirable to go away with for a weekend. Things of that nature.
      Jack McCoy: What about the character the death of whom would be most cause for celebration?
      Mr. Cardorette: Y-yes.

    • Jack McCoy: Let me give you a quick sketch what a manslaughter case might look like, Mr. Stark. Someone incites someone else over whom they have authority or influence to commit an act of violence. They arrange for the violence to occur, it does in fact occur and leads to someone's death.
      Mr. Stark: I didn't intend any harm.
      Abbie Carmichael: Your actual intent is irrelevant.
      Mr. Stark: So suddenly a television show's responsible when some kid goes nuts.
      Jack McCoy: Not a television show, Mr. Stark. You.

    • Lennie Briscoe: (to a TV cameraman) Hey kid, this is police business not show business.

    • Mr. Kaufman: You can't arrest us, we have a show to finish.
      Lennie Briscoe: Consider yourselves cancelled.

    • Lennie Briscoe: How long are you gonna stick with that story, Gavin? 'Cause I'm just trying to plan my day here.

    • Anita van Buren (about the reality show): Never seen it. Already hate it.

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  • Allusions

    • Lennie Briscoe: I had the guy turn the place upside down, the tape is not lost, it is missing.
      Ed Green: Somebody took it.
      Lennie Briscoe: My money is on Fred and Ethel.
      This is a case involving a television production couple and this is an allusion to Fred and Ethel Mertz of I Love Lucy.

    • This episode appears to be inspired by reality TV shows such as Big Brother and The Real World.

    • Episode title: Swept Away: A very Special episode.

      The term: "A very special episode" is often used in television advertising to refer to an episode of a sitcom or a drama that deals with a serious or controversial issue. The usage of the term mostly peaked in the 80's and in the early 90's.

      Also, "Swept Away" alludes to "sweeps" period, the three months during the year when networks are most likely to air the "very special" programming; the last month in a quarter when advertisers focus on television ratings to decide on television advertising expenditures.

    • (Lennie doesn't let the TV producer film them)
      Ed Green: This could have been your big chance.
      Lennie Briscoe: I'll wait for the musical version.

      A little inside joke there; Jerry Orbach was a Broadway song-and-dance man before he was on Law and Order.

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