Law & Order

Season 17 Episode 22

The Family Hour

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 18, 2007 on NBC

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  • Season 17 finale.

    This is actually the first episode I have watched of Law and Order and it was really good Cassady gets really involved in this and making sure the senator is found guilty mostly because he beat his family and because she saw him stab his daughter but the senator says it was self defense When it went to court even with a good lawyer the senator was found guilty after Rubirosa showed that the victim was stabbed 13 times and that was through rage not self defense I really enjoyed this episode maybe should have watched this show sooner.
  • Makes you wonder..

    The ending makes me wonder, just how many strings did Branch pull to get McCoy named as interim DA?
  • The season for Law & Order ended on a high note.

    The season for Law & Order ended on a high note. McCoy found his ethics being tested, Cassady found herself not being believed because of her reputation, and Dr. Rodgers was crucial to winning the case for the prosecution. The episode will fit perfectly with Milena Govich and Fred Thompson not returning for the new season.
  • WOW! What a way for Cassidy and Branch to go out!!!

    In case you weren't clear, the above summary was complete sarcasm!!!

    Yet another disappointing 'Law & Order' season finale sees both of the characters who apparently leave simply go on as normal. No storyline revolving around them. Not even a short scene in which they leave. Well, not even any clues to the fact that they may be leaving. For 'Law & Order', it seems the departure of two main characters (one of whom had been part of the show for a grand 5 years) is just an after-thought.

    Well, that being said, for an average episode it would have been very good. Especially Connie's courtroom scene. Overall though, a disappointing finale yet again! (When will they learn that finales are meant to be special?!)
  • Sequel to "...And Justice For All"??

    Anyone who's seen "...And Justice For All" will want to see this episode. If you've ever wondered what happened to Jay Porter after that incident with the dishes in the hall will get an amusing insight into what can happen. I only wish that the writers of Law & Order had actually used the name Jay Porter for Jeffrey Tambor's character. This would be an excellent reprisal of that role. This is especially true considering how just about every other character in this episode seemed out of their minds as well. This episode was nowhere near as "compelling" as many other episodes ever seen in this series, but it was a joy to watch.
  • Nice Way for Branch to go out!

    The Arrest & Conviction of a Senator for the murder of his daughter who killed her step-mother is the basis of Fred Thompson's Final eposiode as District Attorney Arthur Branch a nice touch of foreshadowing is used in Branch's final scene before the transfer of Power to McCoy.

    Branch:You know this chair is going to be empty soon
    McCoy:I'm not a politican.
    Branch:Yeah thats what they all say.

    It will be intresting to see McCoy adjusting to his
    new position of District Attorney next season when for almost 20 years he was so opposed to the politics that went
    with it. The final scene here provided a nice groundwork
    for it.
  • I did not like that Judge!

    Okay, wow. I'm not enjoying the show all that much this season. And it's not because of the cast changes. THe show just is not as good as it used to be because it's showing it's age. And this episode was the worst I have seen in a good long while. First of all, I found Jeffrey Tambor's judge character to be hard to watch because he was so obnoxious. I didn't find him all that realistic because he struck me more as being a chariacture then a real person. I'm sure there are real people out there who are really that obnoxious. But come on! Add to that that once again, Jack McCoy was oh too perfect and got on his High Horse. I loved that Branch pulled him off the case, I'm sick of him being able to do whatever he wants because it's the right thing. But the resignation at the end, oh so cheesy. At least the guest stars performed beautifully, especially Sisto and Hamlin!

    Can this show please end before it officially jumps the shark?
  • What a tangled web they weave...

    Very indepth look at a high profile family where internal abuse abounds. I found myself not caring a whole lot about anyone in this episode but I hung in there to the end to see where they (the writers) would go with it. A very good closing by the ADA stabbing the knife into a book 13 times to simulate the murder of the daughter and how it was carried out, despite the testimony of the former Senator to the contrary. That judge was definitely for the birds; this episode could easily have been a take off on the Anna Nicole Smith legal proceedings with the judge that shot his mouth off. Oh well, see you all in January (with or without Fred Thompson)
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