Law & Order

Season 2 Episode 2

The Wages of Love

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 1991 on NBC



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    • (Deciding whether or not to arrest the suspect.)
      Phil Cerreta: I wish we had a gun...
      Don Cragen: I wish I had a girlfriend named 'Lola'.

    • Don Cragen: Phil, I know it looks obvious, but before we sentence the wife, remember we do have two victims here, and one of them is still wearing a tag on her toe: 'Jane Doe.'
      Mike Logan: Maybe she had an enemy.
      Don Cragen: Maybe she had a name.

    • Paul Robinette: Never seen you like this before.
      Ben Stone: I have never done anything this potentially stupid before.

    • Adam Schiff: 'Pride goeth before a fall.' I'll send you flowers in the intensive care unit.

    • Frank Lehrman: Criminally negligent homicide. She does no time.
      Ben Stone: No time ... why don't we throw her a tickertape parade? Manslaughter one, eight and a third each count.
      Frank Lehrman: It's called plea bargaining, not plea scalping. Pass.

    • Doug Phillips: I didn't kill her, I wanted to marry her.
      Phil Cerreta: Did she want to marry you? What was she doing at Cullen's, shopping for her trousseau?

    • Phil Cerreta: The State of New York says in 14 years you had three registered guns, two of them stolen.
      Mike Logan: You're a hell of a security guard, George. You ought to hire a guard to watch your guns.

    • Phil Cerreta: Remember what he said? He said 'My mother wouldn't kill my father.' He was with her at the time of the murder. Why didn't he say, 'My mother didn't kill my father'?
      (Scene cut to Cragen's office.)
      Capt. Don Cragen: You want to reopen 'cause the kid used the wrong tense?

    • Frank Lehrman: Murder two? Why even have it on the menu? This isn't murder, it's manslaughter.
      Ben Stone: So you're admitting she killed them?
      Frank Lehrman: No. But if she killed them, it was extreme emotional disturbance, and that's manslaughter.
      Ben Stone: I get it, she wasn't there. And if she was there, she didn't kill them, and if she did kill them, she didn't mean to, and if she did mean to, it's because she was upset.

    • Judge Stein: If he accepts this, Ben, I'm going to make it absolutely clear they must believe beyond a scintilla of doubt, that she committed premeditated murder, or they acquit.
      Frank Lehrman: 'Beyond a scintilla'?
      Judge Stein: A mini-scintilla.

    • Phillips' Attorney: Your Honor, Mr. Phillips has never been arrested before. He has strong family roots in New York City. His grandfather sat on the bench where Your Honor now presides.
      Judge Mooney: I hope he worked shorter hours than I do.

    • Melanie Cullen: I don't know what happened, I don't remember. I went there to talk to Eddie, I thought everything would be all right. That we could work everything out. We were married for 25 years. I thought everything would be all right. I've always loved Eddie... I've always loved Eddie.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Germany: Mord oder Todschlag (Murder Or Manslaughter)
      France: Un flic assassiné (A Killed Cop)
      Czech Republic: Žárlivost (Jealousy)

  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode, "The Wages of Love", is inspired by the song "The Wages of Love", the Irish entry in the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest, sung by Muriel Day. The song cautions listeners that while love is a wonderful thing to experience, there are prices to be paid, a potential for heartbreak and pain, and that people should be aware of that at the onset of a relationship.

    • Mike Logan: 86 and 3rd – the papaya place.

      In the early half of the 20th century, Greek immigrant Gus Poulos, with his store established on 86th Street and 3rd Avenue, came up with the idea to combine selling tropical drinks (inspired by vacations to Miami and Cuba) with hot dogs (influenced by the largely German-Polish demographic of the neighborhood at that time). He was subsequently dubbed the "Papaya King." The success of his "Papaya King" establishment spawned other competitors (e.g., "Gray's Papaya," "Papaya World," "Papaya Paradise," "Papaya Jack"). These hot dog shops can be found throughout NYC.

    • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the Betty Broderick case. Five years after a very acrimonious divorce in the late 1980s, Betty Broderick, a mother of four, broke into her ex-husband Dan's home and shot him and his wife, Linda, in their bed. In the years leading up to their deaths, Dan and Linda Broderick had felt so threatened by Betty they had even hired guards to protect themselves. Betty was sentenced to thirty-two years in prison.

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