Law & Order

Season 2 Episode 22

The Working Stiff

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 14, 1992 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This episode marks two rare situations-
      1) the district attorney (Adam Schiff) appears in court and 2) the district attorney (Adam Schiff) shares a scene with the accused (Simon Vilanis and Dwight Corcoran).

  • Quotes

    • Ben Stone: You work for Local 8157, is that correct, Mr. Palmieri?
      Joey Palmieri: That's right.
      Ben Stone: And you take orders from your cousin Eddie Palmieri?
      (Palmieri's lawyer whispers in his ear.)
      Joey Palmieri: I take orders from the rank and file.
      Ben Stone: Just what do you do for the rank and file, sir?
      (Palmieri's lawyer whispers in his ear.)
      Joey Palmieri: I promote union solidarity and discipline.

    • Adam Schiff: You look like the messenger who's afraid he's going to be killed.
      Ben Stone: I'm afraid the message might kill the recipient.

    • (A mass of stock traders are gathered in the background, silently watching Logan, Cerreta, and Fairlee)
      Walter Fairlee: Marshall had a lot of international interests.
      Phil Cerreta: And what about enemies?
      Walter Fairlee: Well, ours is a competitive business.
      Mike Logan: But everybody loved him, right?
      Walter Fairlee: Everybody respected what he accomplished.
      Phil Cerreta: Which was?
      Walter Fairlee: Which was overcoming his humble beginnings and amassing a net worth in the hundreds of millions. This is a terrible moment for our company. (The morning trading bell sounds.) Excuse me. (The traders disperse and scramble furiously, answering ringing phones and shouting across the room)
      Mike Logan: I guess the moment is over.

    • Palmieri's Lawyer: (pointing to stacked cardboard boxes) You want documents, you got documents. My client is merely satisfying the subpoena.
      Phil Cerreta: We asked for documents relating to the union's dealings with Marshall McFadden, not the history of the world parts one and two.

    • William Cousins: I was ready to indict McFadden with eight counts of bank fraud. Next thing I knew, they were changing the locks on my office door.
      Paul Robinette: They?
      William Cousins: They.

    • Judge Berman: I'm getting behind here, counselor. May I ask why Mr. Vilanis refuses to enter a plea?
      Alice Cantwell: He wants to represent himself.
      Judge Berman: (Groans.) I hate pro se cases. Did he bring his own soapbox, or does he expect the court to provide one?

    • Dwight Corcoran: Thank you, Adam. I could use a friend.
      Adam Schiff: You always did, Dwight. That was always the problem.

    • Simon Vilanis: The insurance commissioner wouldn't know a tool-and-die maker from a cheeseburger.

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