Lawman (1958)

Season 3 Episode 35

Blind Hate

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 14, 1961 on ABC

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  • Lucy Pastor falls in love with one of her father Lem's ranch hands named Shag. Lem doesn't want her marrying a lowly ranch hand and horsewhips him. Shag staggers the streets until he finds Dan. Dan takes him to the doctor, and finds out Shag is blind.

    This was a very powerfully acted episode. You had the father and the potential suitor battling over the daughter. The daughter wanting to make her own choices, and not have her father constantly rule her life. The three guest stars that played Lem, Lucy, and Shag were very good. John Russell was his usual awesomeness trying to make peace, and keep the two lunkheads from killing each other. I guess times have changed, because apparently back then someone had to agree to press charges. Nowadays, at least where I live here in Texas, all the officers need to see is evidence of assault, and they can pursue the charge themselves. Dan tried to get Shag to let him arrest Lem for assault and take him to court, but Shag wanted to kill him. I can't really blame him, because Lem went to far in whipping him in the face until he went blind. We got to see the return of Johnny's quick draw. I was reading at where they had a contest in 1960 with all the TV western stars to see who the fastest gun in Hollywood, and Peter Brown was the winner. I can definitely see why. Lily also got a lot more face time this episode by trying to convince Lucy that she needed to keep running. She also let her hair down all the way in this episode instead of keeping it up in a bun. Wow, Peggie Castle was really pretty back then. It is a shame she died so young.