Lawman (1958)

Season 4 Episode 33


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 29, 1962 on ABC

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  • Cort Evers comes to Laramie and collapses on the street. Doc Jessup tells Dan and Johnny that Cort is dying. Cort tells Dan that there is going to be trouble at sundown, but doesn't say why. Lily gets Cort to admit he's looking to kill his brother.

    This was another of those middle of the road episodes, where it wasn't really great, but there was nothing really bad in it either. You start off with the mystery of why Cort is in town. He at first won't tell anyone. Lily then gets it out of him that he's looking for his brother and wants to kill him. Lily didn't tell him that Mitch is working for one of the local ranchers, and runs to tell Dan what she learned. Dan sends Johnny out to protect him. Peter Brown is sporting a new shorter haircut in this episode, by the way. Cort tells Dan taht he's doing the Lord's work, and that Mitch is an agent of the Devil. He said Mitch allowed six men to be killed during the Civil War. Cort comes out to challenge Mitch. Mitch finally agrees, but then gets to the fight, and takes the gunbelt refusing to fight. Mitch then reveals that because of Cort's fever, he is the one that caused the deaths of those six men. Cort realizes right before he dies that it's true. Cort was acutally hard to hear at times, because he was talking so low. The storyline of one brother wanting to kill another isn't really new.