Lawman (1958)

ABC (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Holdout, The
      Holdout, The
      Episode 43
    • Son, The
      Son, The
      Episode 42
    • The Witness
      The Witness
      Episode 41
      Beebee Williams is drawing pictures of Lily's customers, as well as Jake, and Dan, in the Birdcage. Nathan Adams comes in looking for Dan. He reveals that his wife was murdered. Beebee thinks he saw the man leaving the scene and draws a picture of Jim Martin. Dan and Johnny bring Jim in for questioning, but they don't think he did it. Jim is found not guilty at the trial, but Nathan is convinced that Jim is guilty, and vows to get even. Dan and Johnny know that the only way they can prevent more bloodshed is to find the real killer.moreless
    • The Unmasked
      The Unmasked
      Episode 40
      Carter Banks and Samuel Davidson arrive in Laramie by stagecoach. They tell Dan and Lily that they are looking for their "cousin," Billy Corbett. Banks and Davidson give Dan a description, but he and Lily don't let on that they think it's Joe Brockway, who took over running the Laramie Hotel. Brockway later confesses to Dan and Johnny that he is Billy Corbett, the man who shot John Wilkes Booth, and that the two men are bounty hunters trying to collect a $20,000 price tag placed on his head by a disgruntled Southerner.moreless
    • Jailbreak
      Episode 39

      Dan sends Johnny to Casper to testify in the trial of Pete Bole. Bole has hired jailbreak expert, Heracles Snead, to break him out of jail. Bole also has a girlfriend, Britches. While making his plan, Snead takes Britches into the desert, and leaves her there. Johnny comes along, and offers her a lift. However, once she finds out he's testifying against Pete, she clobbers Johnny with his own canteen, and handcuffs him to a tree. Britches comes looking for Snead, and he convinces her to go back and release Johnny so that the Sheriff doesn't double the number of guards. She goes back and lets Johnny loose. Britches ends up falling for Johnny with comedic results.

    • Explosion
      Episode 38
      Jess Billings killed an elderly couple, the Murdochs, after they went back on their promise to sell him some land. Jess had been planning to marry one of Lily's saloon girls, Bobbie Desmond. During the investigation, Doc Shea tells Dan that Jess had taken a severe beating from Sam Brackett, who was also interested in Bobbie, causing head injuries. Doc says that Jess may not have been aware of what he was doing. Sam doesn't care and rounds up a lynch mob to hunt Jess down. Now, Dan and Johnny have to find Jess before the mob does.moreless
    • The Actor
      The Actor
      Episode 37

      Jeffrey Hendon, an out-of-work actor, stumbles into the Birdcage and orders a drink. When Jake asks for payment, Hendon reveals that he can't pay. Just as Jake is about to throw him out, Lily comes over to see what the trouble is, and she discovers that Hendon is bleeding. Dan and Johnny help him into Lily's office to wait for the doctor, and to find out what's going on. Meanwhile, a woman comes looking for Hendon, and wants to leave her husband for him. Hendon rejects her advances, so she comes back with her husband and brother, and wants them to shoot him.

    • Get Out of Town
      Get Out of Town
      Episode 36
      There is a new saloon opening in Laramie. One of the richest men in town, Amos Hall, recognizes the saloon's owner, Jim Bushrod, from the time they were in the army together. Amos told Dan and Johnny that Bushrod sold guns to the Indians, and they used them to kill 200 soldiers in a raid. Bushrod was acquitted at trial due to a lack of evidence. Dan tells Amos that there is nothing he can do about Bushrod, because he hasn't committed any crimes in Laramie. Amos then proceeds to start a campaign to run Bushrod out of town.moreless
    • Man Behind the News
      Luther Boardman is the new owner of the Laramie Free Press, and he is in love with the outlaw persona. Feeling the outlaws are the real story in the wild west, he begins a smear campaign against Dan. He accuses him of police brutality because Dan knocked out a man who was rowdy and drunk and threatening to shoot people in the Bird Cage, even though Boardman wasn't in the saloon at the time. He soon has the drunk convinced he needs a public apology from Dan.moreless
    • The Doctor
      The Doctor
      Episode 34
      Dan is escorting prisoner Will Evans from Saratoga back to Laramie to stand trial. On the way back, the stage driver, Randy Whedon, becomes ill. One of the passengers, known to the rest as the town drunk, reveals that he used to be a doctor. The doctor tells them that Randy has come down with the plague. They don't want to believe him, but Dan doesn't take any chances and quarantines them in the rest station. Randy, in a delusional state, escapes, and now Dan has to catch him before he gets to Laramie and infects the whole town.moreless
    • Cort
      Episode 33
      A stranger rides into town and collapses. After the doctor's examination, Troop tries to question him, but gets nowhere. All the stranger will say is that there's going to be a lot of trouble around sundown.
    • The Youngest
      The Youngest
      Episode 32
      Dan catches Jim Martin Sr. cheating at a card game in the Birdcage. Martin tried to shoot Dan in the back, but Jake warned him, and Dan shot Martin instead. Later, while Dan is out of town, the rest of the Martins come looking for him. Ma Martin wants her youngest son, Jim Jr., to take revenge on Dan for killing her husband, because he's the fastest of three with a gun. Johnny and Lily attempt to talk Jim out of it, and to see his mother for who she really is. Johnny also warns Ma to clear her boys out of town by 3:30pm, or he's going to arrest them.moreless
    • Sunday
      Episode 31
      While Dan and Johnny are returning to the office with their prisoner, Billy Deal, someone takes a shot at them. They look around, but find nothing. Deal is to be held overnight and then placed on the train to Casper the next afternoon. The following morning Dan learns that an old enemy, Frank Boone, is in town. Boone, who is also a wanted man, tells Dan that he has been offered a full pardon if he takes Billy back to Montana. Dan warns him not to try anything or he will have to take him down.moreless
    • The Wanted Man
      The Wanted Man
      Episode 30
      While making their rounds during a rainstorm, Dan and Johnny stumble across two people in the livery stable. Ben Jesse brought his mother, Ann, into Laramie seeking help, because she is about to have a baby. Ann is married to an outlaw named Frank Jesse. After being examined by Doc Greer, it is also learned that Ann is dying. Meanwhile, Dan runs into a bountyhunter named Joe Street, who is planning to ambush Frank when he comes for his family, and turn him in for the $5,000 reward.moreless
    • The Bride
      The Bride
      Episode 29
      Con artists Frank Farnum and Melanie Wells have set their sights on one of the richest men in Laramie, Ollie Earnshaw. The scheme is that Melanie gets rich men to propose to her, Frank takes their money, and then they move to the next town. Johnny brings Dan a telegram from the sheriff in Casper that alerts him as to who they are. Dan confronts Frank, who threatens to kill him if he stands in their way. What Frank doesn't expect is that time Melanie really does fall in love with Ollie.moreless
    • Mountain Man
      Mountain Man
      Episode 28
      Lex Buckman, a mountain man - huge, dirty, and unshaven - gives the men in Laramie a lot to talk about-and admire- by his shows of strength and prowess. However, once he sees Lily, he tells her he needs a wife and "You're it!". Nothing she can say can dissuade him, until she wheedles Dan into telling him they're engaged. Instead of running Lex off, he decides to eliminate the competition. Lily and Johnny spend the rest of the show trying to protect Dan from Lex, some with comic results.moreless
    • Heritage of Hate
      Heritage of Hate
      Episode 27
      Laurie Kemper is trying to start her life over after spending three years in prison for manslaughter. She killed her husband after he had beaten her up. Her former father-in-law, John Kemper, who is still furious with her for killing his son, and his hired hands are determined to make her life miserable. After they ran off her latest hired hand, Laurie comes up with a new plan. She makes a deal with a man named Bill Fells to get married in exchange for part of her stake. Bill has a criminal record also, but like Laurie has paid his debt to society. John is determined to turn the whole town against them, but Dan is constantly standing in his way.moreless
    • Clootey Hutter
      Clootey Hutter
      Episode 26

      Clootey is a female gunslinger who lives up in the hills and has just come into Laramie for supplies. In a pouring rainstorm at night, after spurning his advances in the Birdcage, she is called in the street by a drunken Earl and shoots him down in a fair fight. Dan is forced to try to arrest her, but she tells him she knows she can outdraw him. Earl's cooler headed brother, Paul, suggests instead she try to 'take him' in a gunfight to prove she really could outdraw the dead man.

    • The Long Gun
      The Long Gun
      Episode 25
      Marshal Ben Wyatt rides into Laramie with the body of one of the Bodeen brothers. He tells Dan and Johnny that the other two will be along shortly. While they consider it an honor to have a legendary lawman visit their town, Dan soon becomes suspicious when Wyatt purchases a room at the Hotel Laramie. Wyatt reveals that he plans to shoot the other Bodeen brothers from the window overlooking the street rather than coming down and meeting them face to face. Lily then gives Dan something to ponder, maybe the legend is scared.moreless
    • The Barber
      The Barber
      Episode 24
      Laramie has a new barber, Sylvester O'Toole. The previous barber, Ed Carruthers had been telling Dan for a long time that he was looking for a buyer. Little does Dan know, that O'Toole has Carruthers tied up in the back room, and is busy masterminding a robbery of the Laramie Bank. When Dan and Johnny come in for haircuts, they are ambushed, and taken prisoner.moreless
    • The Holdout
      The Holdout
      Episode 23
      A man named Logan leads a vigilante group into Laramie, and starts tearing up the town. He and his men rough up shopowner Blake Stevens, and try to get the town council to remove Dan from office. Dan wants to arrest him, but can't find a charge that will stick, because everyone is afraid to testify against Logan. Meanwhile, Johnny tries to get Blake to stand up to Logan hoping that if he does, the other townspeople will follow his lead.moreless
    • Change of Venue
      Change of Venue
      Episode 22
      After killing Judge Trager's nephew, outlaw Barron Shaw is given a change of venue, because it is believed he couldn't get a fair trial in Laramie. Dan has to transport him to Green River, and leave Johnny behind to watch over Laramie. Along the way, Shaw's gang makes several attempts to break him free of Dan's custody. Little does Dan know, Shaw has another accomplice inside the stagecoach.moreless
    • No Contest
      No Contest
      Episode 21
      Johnny's cousin, Jeff Allen, arrives from Boston. When he gets off the stagecoach, Dan notices right away that he looks just like Billy the Kid. The difference is that Jeff has never carried a gun, and doesn't know how to use one. Jeff met local girl Elly Stratton on the trip, and takes a liking to her. Jeff gets beaten up by her boyfriend, Jib. Now he wants to learn to use a gun, so he can challenge Jib to a gunfight over Elly. After Johnny can't talk him out of it, he turns to Dan for help.moreless
    • The Tarnished Badge
      Dan, Johnny, and their posse are set up all over Laramie awaiting the arrival of Jess Bridges and his gang. Dan used to be the deputy when Bridges was the marshal. However, along the way Bridges turned from lawman to criminal. Bridges is wounded during the impending shootout, but he and his men manage to escape. The posse splits up to try to find them, and Johnny gets captured by Bridges. This leads to a battle of wits between Dan's mentor, and Dan's apprentice.moreless
    • The Vintage
      The Vintage
      Episode 19
      Mr. Lazarino is an Italian immigrant who has a wagon full of transported grapevines to plant in his new home, hoping to become a wine maker. After two men destroy most of them in a brawl in the street, his son, Tonio, opens fire and is killed by one of the men. The older man is devastated by the destruction that has occurred, and one of the two men feels strong pangs of conscience.moreless
    • A Friend of the Family
      When Dan and Johnny stop a robbery of the Laramie Bank, Johnny recognizes one of the crooks as his "Uncle Joe." Joe Henny was a friend of Johnny's father, and helped raise him. As they transport the criminals, Joe plays on Johnny's sympathies, and gets him to loosen his ropes. He then escapes after Johnny falls asleep while he's supposed to be on watch. Dan accuses Johnny of subconsciously wanting Joe to escape. Johnny denies it, and volunteers to bring him back personally.moreless
    • The Locket
      The Locket
      Episode 17
      When a friend of Lily's comes in on the stagecoach - unconscious and the only one aboard - a worried Lily nurses her, while her husband waits for her to regain consciousness so he can talk to her. Lily is suspicious of him, and finds the secret to his identity is hidden in her friend's locket.moreless
    • Trojan Horse
      Trojan Horse
      Episode 16
      Dan and Johnny are informed by government workers that a shipment of nitro glycerine is going to be coming through Laramie, and as a precaution they have to evacuate the whole town. Meanwhile, two hijackers take control of the shipment, and plan to use the explosives to rob the Laramie Bank. When Johnny stops the wagon to check on it, one of the crooks knocks him over the head, and takes him hostage. Now Dan has to figure out how to save Johnny, stop the crooks from leaving town with everyone's money, and keep from getting blown up in the process.moreless
    • By the Book
      By the Book
      Episode 15
      Orville Luster comes to town to see how Dan is handling his duties as marshal. He finds Dan and Johnny at the Birdcage, and scolds them for not arresting two of the locals, Ernie and Teakwood, for disturbing the peace. Dan explains that they are harmless. Luster forces Johnny to put them in jail, but Dan lets them out. Luster threatens to have a Deputy U.S. Marshal permanently appointed to Laramie if Dan doesn't shape up.moreless
    • The Prodigal Mother
    • Tarot
      Episode 13
      Lily runs into her old friend, Joe Wyatt, who has just arrived in Laramie. Little does she know, Joe is involved in a robbery plot. Lily introduces Joe to Dan and Johnny at the Birdcage. She explains that he is a professional gambler, who also dabbles in tarot cards. As a demonstration, Joe deals four cards representing each of the four people at the table. One card says that someone will come into some money, another will take a trip, another will guard a pot of gold, and the last person will die.moreless
    • The Lords of Darkness
      After the Lord Brothers kill a young Laramie resident and nearly run over Lily on their way out of town, Dan sets off to find them in their hometown of Darkness. The local marshal warns Dan that their father, Andrew Lord, runs the town, and he won't be helping him. Dan goes out to the Lord Ranch, and Andrew offers to turn the boys over if he will reduce the charge. Dan refuses, and sets off to catch the brothers on his own. He finds a surprise ally in their sister Caroline.moreless
    • The Appointment
      The Appointment
      Episode 11
      Dan's old friend, Major Jason Leeds, has come to Laramie to offer Johnny an appointment to West Point. Johnny has never considered a military career, and wants Dan to tell him to stay. Dan can't and won't make the decision for him. We can tell he really cares about Johnny and doesn't want him to go, but he knows it's a very good opportunity for him and doesn't want to stand in his way. Johnny must make a hard decision, made easier by his saving the major's life.moreless
    • Porphyria's Lover
      Porphyria's Lover
      Episode 10
      During a terrible, windy storm, Lily is suddenly terrified by the sight of a book of poetry. She explains that the poem, "Porphyria's Lover", by Robert Browning reminds her of a man she helped put in prison. Dan tries to convince her that it's only the storm. The next day her bartender is sent by Dan to go help the men work on rebuilding the schoolhouse, with Lily's blessing. Then while she is alone, the escaped prisoner shows up and carries her off, and Dan must piece together clues from the poem to locate her before she is killed by the madman.moreless
    • The Cold One
      The Cold One
      Episode 9
      After hearing that her notorious outlaw husband, King Harris, has escaped from prison, Barbara Harris flees to her mother's house in Laramie. King sends two of his men into town to scout the scene, and they end up in a confrontation with Dan and Johnny. Dan shoots one, and runs the other out of town. They know that King will be coming with the rest of his men, so Dan and Johnny try to round up a posse, but find very few takers.moreless
    • The Catalog Woman
      When one of Laramie's citizens disappears the day after his wedding to a woman he met through a marriage catalog, Dan does some investigating. Learning that several other men have also disappeared after marrying someone from that agency, he decides to try to flush her out by posing as an eligible bachelor, Arthur Daniels. Lily at first thinks it's funny, but gets serious (and jealous) once Johnny points out that this could be for real - or even fatal.moreless
    • The Stalker
      The Stalker
      Episode 7
      Fur trapper Alreeka McClintoch arrives in Laramie after his latest successful hunt. He and Dan make plans to go hunting together while Johnny volunteers to stay behind and watch over the town. Alreeka heads over to the Birdcage for a drink, and gets into an altercation with one of the Schafer brothers. Alreeka gave him a backhanded slap that sent him flying across the room, but during the fall he broke his neck, and died. Alreeka runs away. While the other Schafer brother claims it was murder, Lily tells Dan and Johnny that it was an accident. Dan now has to track down his old friend and bring him to trial.moreless
    • The Substitute
      The Substitute
      Episode 6
      In another rather light-hearted episode, the school teacher leaves to get married in a fit of what is deemed 'spring fever'. A search for a substitute teacher until the new one can arrive turns up a man who is very educated, but is now a drunk. Lily volunteers over Dan's objections - he's worried about what the women in town will do to her. His suspicions are proved right, but Lily once again wins over hearts by her kindness.moreless
    • Owny O'Reilly, Esquire

      Millie Cotton, the governor's daughter, has run away from home and landed in Laramie. Desperate for money, she robs Owny in an alley with her hairbrush in his back. Both are scared. Owny later describes the robber as a huge, vicious man. Dan, told to be on the lookout for the governor's daughter, recognizes Millie, who sings for Lily and is told honestly that she has a lovely voice. Owny is struck by her, not knowing that she is his assailant. When he finds out, his hurt feelings take over. Later, an escaped convict, Millie, Owny, his horse, and his dog all combine for a scene of pandemonium before everything is sorted out.

    • The Son
      The Son
      Episode 4
      Zachariah Herod and his son Cole corner a group of gentlemen in the Birdcage. The Herods are searching for the man who killed Cole's brother Chad. Cole is blind, and although he didn't see the killer, he can identify him by the sound of his voice. With Dan out of town this time, Johnny is called upon to take charge of the investigation. Cole tells Johnny and Lily that his father intends to kill whoever shot his brother, and he doesn't want that on his conscience. Johnny locks up Zachariah for disturbing the peace, and then he and Cole set out to find the killer.moreless
    • The Four
      The Four
      Episode 3
      Four men ride into Laramie, all carrying rifles, and station themselves around town. After one of them is shot and killed, the leader tells Dan they are searching for a young, innocent looking young man who was reported to them as being in the area. He was a cold-blooded killer they had been tracking. Dan deputizes the three remaining men since Johnny was out of town, and together they track the boy down.moreless
    • The Juror
      The Juror
      Episode 2
      One member of the Cauley gang is captured and brought to Laramie for trial, because the town where he was caught couldn't find anyone willing to serve on a jury. The other 5 Cauleys have threatened to kill anyone who served. Dan is sure Laramie will rally to the cause, but finds that fear is contagious. Finally, learning that it only takes one juror, under extreme circumstances, to try a case, Dan pulls one name out of the tax register list at random to be that juror. To his shock, it's Lily's name. She accepts, and then he must worry about her safety until the trial.moreless
    • Trapped
      Episode 1
      Outlaw leader Hale Connors arrives in Laramie to notify Troop that the stage won't be arriving.
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