Lawman (1958)

Season 4 Episode 36

Get Out of Town

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 20, 1962 on ABC

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  • Jim Bushrod is opening a new saloon in Laramie. One of the town's richest men, Amos Hall, recognizes him from their days in the army. Hall told Dan and Johnny that Bushrod sold guns to the Indians, and they used them to kill 200 soldiers in a raid.

    You almost start to feel sorry for Bushrod in this episode until the very end. Amos is giving him a hard time, and they are making it seem like all he wants to do is start a new life in Laramie. Then he slugs Johnny over the head, and tries to frame Amos for it. I loved the chase scene with him and Dan. during the promo that airs on Encore Westerns, there is a scene of Dan jumping through a glass window, and telling someone to hold it. This was the episode where they got that from. It's a great visual. Amos seemed like a likeable guy. He had a good time at Charlie the stage driver's expense. Poor, Oren was put in a tough position when Amos told him to take Bushrod's money out, or he'd take his own money out. Being a retail guy, I know you can't let your customers tell you how to run your business. I'm my boss is not a big believer in the old "the customer is always right" adage. Lily appears only briefly. Bushrod pretends that he is planning to leave, and tries to get her to buy his stock and gambling equipment. He keeps trying to get her to come over, but she sends Jake instead. I wished this one would have been an hour, because that is a subplot that might have been worth exploring. You can tell the episode was filmed during season three. The copyright is 1961, and they used the season three theme music. Plus instead of Johnny's newer short, dark brown hair, he was back to sporting the thicker, light brown look.