Lawman (1958)

Season 4 Episode 39


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jun 10, 1962 on ABC

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  • Pete Bole hired a jailbreak expert, Heracles Sneed to break him out of jail. Sneed leaves Bole's annoying girlfriend, Britches, in the desert. Johnny McKay rides by to give her a lift. When she finds out he's testifying against Pete, she knocks him out.

    This is a Johnny McKay episode. Dan appears briefly in the opening and closing scenes, and Lily doesn't appear at all. Peter Brown and a slew of guest stars carry the bulk of the action. Peter Breck plays Pete Bole the outlaw trying to get out of jail. He's got an annoying girlfriend Britches, who is played by Pamela Austin. She likes Pete, but only pretends to like her. In reality, he finds her irritating. Frank Ferguson makes yet another guest appearance this season as Sheriff Callaghan. I think all of his guest spots on this show have been during season four. James Griffith plays Sneed the jailbreak expert. I actually thought that was Lee Van Cleef, but apparently not. The two look so much alike. Sneed takes Britches out to the desert and leaves her there. Johnny plays the Good Samaritan, and offers her a lift. Once he tells her that he's testifying against Pete, she clonks him on the head with his own canteen, takes his gun, and handcuffs him to a tree. She comes back looking for Sneed. Being the con artist that he is, he tricks her into going back for Johnny. The logic is that if Johnny doesn't show, the sheriff will double his guard. She goes back and lets Johnny loose, and he gives her a pretty good tongue lashing. They get to town, and Sneed wants her to keep Johnny distracted so their plan to distract the other deputies with a cattle stampede will work. She tries to charm Johnny, but he's not interested. During the jailbreak, I thought it was kind of interesting that Sneed wouldn't shoot the sheriff. When Pete had turned his back, Sneed fired a shot and told the sheriff to lie down. So apparently he's not a killer. During the escape, Johnny shoots Pete. Britches sees him dead, and Johnny on top of him. She realizes that her feelings changed. Later, she rides into Laramie looking for Johnny. In a funny moment, Johnny see Britches talking to Dan, and turns his around, and heads in the opposite direction.