Lawman (1958) - Season 3

ABC (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • The Promise
    The Promise
    Episode 39
    Johnny is at Fort Laramie to witness the execution of Jed Barrister. Before being hanged, Jed yells out to those that are gathered that one of them is his accomplice, and wants that remaining person to kill Dan Troop. Johnny rides back to town and tells Dan. He is surprised when Dan does not seem to be too worried about it. Johnny is persistent, and decides to go on a quest to find the unknown killer, before the unknown killer finds Dan.moreless
  • Cold Fear
    Cold Fear
    Episode 38
    U.S. Marshal Brad Turner got married, retired from his position, and moved with his new wife to Laramie. Former foes, the Quade Brothers, who still hold a grudge against him for shooting and killing their youngest brother, follow Turner to Laramie. The Quades insist to Dan that they want a fair fight, which leaves Dan's hands tied. Brad confesses to Dan that his shooting hand won't cooperate with him anymore. Tired of waiting, the Quades kidnap Turner's wife in order to draw Brad into a gunfight.moreless
  • Conditional Surrender
    Pa Beason has come to Laramie to die. He has led a life of killing and looting, and has never been brought to justice. He chose Laramie because he has heard that Dan is a fair man. He offers to give Dan a full confession of all of the raids he has performed over the years on the condition that his daughter, Iona, is cleaned up and put into a dress and looks like a lady rather than one of his sons, who are following in his footsteps. Dan agrees, knowing Lily can't turn down a challenge like that. He then agrees to make sure the girl is taken care of on the condition that Pa talks his boys into surrendering to him.moreless
  • The Break-In
    The Break-In
    Episode 36
    Gard Washington is tired of being a thief, and comes up with a unique idea. He turns himself in to Dan at the jail, and then wants to collect the reward on himself to use as a nest egg for when his sentence is over. With Johnny out of town, Dan enlists the aid of local drunkard Cactus Gates to be his acting deputy to help keep an eye on the prisoner. After his reward request is turned down, Gard tells Dan he plans to escape. Meanwhile, a gunslinger named Ed Hill comes to town looking for Gard.moreless
  • Blind Hate
    Blind Hate
    Episode 35

    Lucy Pastor falls in love with one of her father Lem Pastor's ranch hands named Shag. Lem doesn't want his daughter marrying a lowly ranch hand and proceeds to badly horsewhip him leaving him blind. Shag staggers through the streets until Dan finds him, and takes him to the doctor. Shag vows to kill Lem after what he did. Dan rides out to the Pastor ranch, and is told by Lem that he will kill Shag if he goes near Lucy again. Lucy, tired of living under her father's iron fist, runs to Lily for shelter. Now it is up to Dan, Johnny, and Lily to try to prevent Shag and Lem from killing each other.

  • The Trial
    The Trial
    Episode 34
    Judge Whitehall arrives in Laramie to bring his ward, Tandice Wesson, to see her aunt and uncle. Whitehall took Tandice in after he sentenced her father to be hanged for murder. Dan escorts them out to the family farm, and they get ambushed by Tandice's brother Dexter, and a group of outlaws that all have scores to settle with Judge Whitehall. Dexter seeking revenge for his father decides to put the judge "on trial" with the outlaws as "the jury."moreless
  • The Threat
    The Threat
    Episode 33
    A hired gun named Swann picks a fight with James Chase in a saloon. It ends with Swann shooting Chase. Dan knows that Chase isn't a violent man, but he has to let Swann go because the bar patrons all said Chase drew first. Chase's brother, Edgar, arrives in Laramie, and promises Swann that he will die for what he did to James. Swann isn't worried at first, but then he notices that no matter where he goes Edgar is not far behind.moreless
  • Whiphand
    Episode 32
    Tired of her husband Bull's behavior, Cassie Nickerson decides to run away with a kind, gentle peddler named Mr. Pennyman. Dan and Johnny know that Bull will hunt them down and kill them, so Dan convinces Bull to let him pursue a kidnapping charge first. However, after investigating, Dan finds out that Cassie left willingly. Dan convinces Cassie and Mr. Pennyman to come back to Laramie, and face Bull. To complicate matters, upon arriving back in town, Lily informs Dan and Johnny that Cassie is pregnant.moreless
  • The Grubstake
    The Grubstake
    Episode 31
    Rainbow Jack arrives in Laramie looking for someone to buy a grubstake in his mine. After Dan, Johnny, Lily, and Jake turn him down, Rainbow finds a partner in Stephanie Collins, one of Lily's barmaids. While Rainbow goes out to work the claim, his greedy nephew and a lawyer come to town. It turns out Rainbow is really an eccentric millionaire, and they want to have his transaction with Stephanie voided saying that he was not competant enough to make the decision. Now Dan has to find Rainbow, and get him back to town to stop them.moreless
  • The Persecuted
    The Persecuted
    Episode 30
    Burly Keller is drinking in the Birdcage when he decides to pick a fight with one of the locals, who has just become a new father. Dan tracks him down, and arrests him. Burly is put on trial, but the jury ruled he acted in self defense. Burly claims he wants to settle down in Laramie, so being old friends, Dan decides to give him the benefit of the doubt. However, after gunning down another man in the Birdcage, and trying to put the moves on Lily, Dan is now forced to confront his old friend.moreless
  • Fugitive
    Episode 29
    Casey Cormack is a fugitive bank robber that returns to take his wife, Meg, and son, Joey, on the run with him. Meg and Joey come into Laramie for supplies, and meet a kind shopkeeper named Mrs. Fields. Meg decides to ride off, and leave Joey behind. Dan has Johnny chase after Meg, but she gives him the slip. Meg meets up with Casey and tells him what she did. Casey insists they come back for Joey, but things go array leading Casey to knock Johnny over the head with his gun, and take Dan hostage.moreless
  • Mark of Cain
    Mark of Cain
    Episode 28
    Chad Kennedy returns to Laramie after years of exile for killing his brother Ben, a crime that he was acquitted, but everyone still believes he did. Chad goes out to his father's ranch to visit him. His father, who has been sick, is so upset to see him that as he gets up to throw Chad out, he falls over, hits his head on the table, and dies. Chad's former sister-in-law, Rena, to get back him for killing her husband, falsely tells Dan that Chad killed his father. Dan locks him up, but then later realizes that Rena was lying. Dan now has a choice: let Chad go, or let him face the hangman's noose for the one crime he didn't commit.moreless
  • The Man from New York
    Lieutenant Foster of the New York City Police Department comes to Laramie looking for a larceny suspect that has been on the run for three years. Foster gives the description to Dan, who believes it matches Ray Stiles, the town harness maker. Foster said that the suspect stole the money to pay for his wife's surgery that saved her life. Foster wants to arrest Stiles right away, but Dan tells the lieutenant that he cannot take him into custody without proof or a confession. Stiles then complicates things by getting on a horse and galloping away.moreless
  • Blue Boss and Willie Shay
    While out riding Johnny meets Willie Shay, a singing cowhand, and his best friend, a smarter-than-average steer named Blue Boss. Willie arrives in Laramie, and stops off for a drink at the Birdcage. One of the other customers, Jagger, doesn't take too kindly to Willie. After Willie and Blue Boss get the better of him in a couple of exchanges, Jagger shoots and kills Blue Boss. Dan arrests him, but Willie promises to kill Jagger just as soon as he gets out of jail. Johnny tries to talk him out of it, but Willie won't listen to him.moreless
  • The Inheritance
    The Inheritance
    Episode 25
    Tecumseh Pruitt is always giving financial advice. People believe him to be rich, but just a notorious cheapskate. After refusing to buy him a pair of new boots, his son, Owlie, tired of his father's constant penny-pinching, decides to lock him in the cellar. When Dan and Johnny come to investigate Tecumseh's disappearance, Owlie ambushes them, and locks them in the cellar with his father. Owlie then sends his mother into town to get his father's strongbox, which Lily keeps in her safe at the Birdcage. Now it's up to Lily to save the day.moreless
  • Detweiler's Kid
    Detweiler's Kid
    Episode 24
    Elfreida Detweiler has been raised by her father, a hardnosed, hateful, spiteful old German immigrant who resents her because she wasn't a son, and her mother died giving her birth. To try to prove to him that she is as good as a son, she calls out Jim Austin, a young man who has taken a liking to her, but whom her father hates. Johnny tries to stop her, and she challenges him to a gunfight the next day at noon. He can't back down, and he "can't fight a girl". In spite of its dark overtones, this show has a definite comic touch to it.moreless
  • The Promoter
    The Promoter
    Episode 23
    Malcolm Duvrees and Adolph Hagen arrive in Laramie claiming to represent a new liquor company. Because Hagen carries a gun, Dan and Johnny know he's up to no good, but can't arrest them, because they haven't broken any laws. Meanwhile, Duvrees and Hagen gather all four of the local saloon owners together, make them an offer to buy out their saloons, or they will open up their own saloon, and run the others out of business. They have two days to make up their mind. One of the owners refuses, gets into a gun battle with Hagen, and gets killed. The others want to sell, but Lily refuses, and turns to Dan for help.moreless
  • Hassayampa
    Episode 22

    Hassayampa Edwards is a temperance leader who tries to get Lily's saloon shut down. When violence breaks out, Dan forces Lily to close the Birdcage until the storm dies down.

  • Homecoming
    Episode 21
    A dangerous criminal that Dan arrested three years ago named Frank Walker escapes from prison. Prior to going away, Frank promised Dan that he would escape, and then return to Laramie to kill him. Dan goes out to check on Frank's wife and son. Frank's son pulls a gun, and as they struggle for possession, Dan gets shot in his right hand. He returns to the office, but is unable to use the hand to draw his gun. Dan insists on facing Frank alone, but after Lily pleads with him, he finally agrees to take Johnny along for the final showdown.moreless
  • The Squatters
    The Squatters
    Episode 20
    Before he died, a Wyoming cattleman gave Ad Prentice a tract of land to start a ranch. Prentice's hired hand, Bent Carr, hopes to gain possession of the land by proving the transaction was illegal.
  • The Marked Man
    The Marked Man
    Episode 19

    After Dan and Johnny shut down his crooked casino, Ray Danby sends for a hired gun to come to Laramie. Todd Larson, the hired gun, has a sister named Muriel that works for Lily at the Birdcage. He is also an old friend of Dan's, and doesn't know he is the marshal. Once Todd finds out, he tries to return the money to Danby. Danby tells him he has a choice: kill Dan, or they will kill his sister.

  • The Frame-Up
    The Frame-Up
    Episode 18
    Jessica Kindle confronts Dan Troop in the Birdcage after her husband was just hanged for murder in Laramie. She tells Dan that she was the one that pulled the trigger, and accuses him of framing her husband. Dan and Johnny take her back to the office, where they are confronted by her lawyer, Les Courtney. Courtney has a long standing grudge against Dan, and plans to use this situation to ruin his reputation. Dan begins to doubt himself, but to be sure, he sends Johnny out to the Kindle ranch to look for anything that might help prove that he had the right person all along.moreless
  • Firehouse Lil
    Firehouse Lil
    Episode 17
    In this lighter episode Jake, in charge of fire co. #2 and Oren, in charge of fire co. #1, crash into each other and start a fight in the street during a fire drill. After Lily chides them loudly in public for their behavior, she is elected unanimously the new fire marshall. A group of bandits witness this and prepare to start a fire as a diversion so they can rob the payroll being held in the bank. Lily and the Volunteer Fire Brigade save the day.moreless
  • The Robbery
    The Robbery
    Episode 16
    A crooked army sergeant is plotting with a group of men to rob a train carrying the army payroll of $45,000. Once getting the information they need, one of the outlaws shoots the sergeant. The army sends an arrogant new lieutenant to Laramie to investigate the sergeant's murder. The lieutenant tries pushing Dan and Johnny around, but they refuse to back down. Later, Dan and Johnny unknowingly come across the gang in the Birdcage. One of the members is Dan's former mentor, Sam Deever.moreless
  • Old Stefano
    Old Stefano
    Episode 15
    Tracy McNeil is a supposed businessman who is showing an inordinate interest in Lily Merrill. Johnny teases Dan about it, but Dan doesn't want to interfere. In fact, Lily is interested in buying McNeil's thoroughbred horse, but his price is too high: to try to persuade Dan to let him buy up land that isn't really for sale. Meanwhile, Old Stefano, a mute old shepherd who comes to town with an injured sheep dog, is accused of killing McNeil's injured horse. Dan has to intervene in McNeil's behalf.moreless
  • The Escape of Joe Killmer

    Donna Killmer is a dressmaker in Laramie. Her brother-in-law, Al, returns with her estranged husband Joe. Joe had left Donna to become an outlaw but got shot. Al came up with a scheme for Donna to turn Joe in, collect the reward money, and let the state take care of Joe's medical treatment. Then the gang will break him out of jail. However, Dan immediately suspects that something's not right and Donna has a change of heart.

  • Cornered
    Episode 13
    Johnny kills a notorious gunman only because the killer's gun misfires. Although the town wants to make him a hero, he knows the truth. Then he learns that the gunman's son is going to be coming to avenge his father's death, and he's reputed to be faster than his father was.moreless
  • The Catcher
    The Catcher
    Episode 12
    Catcher is a big, slow witted hired hand on a sheep ranch for Frank Fenway. He earned the nickname for his ability to take a punch in the stomach. Before heading out one morning, another of the hired hands, Lank Bailey, makes a pass at Mrs. Fenway. After hauling a herd of sheep into Laramie, the hired hands gather at the Birdcage, where Catcher and Lank have an drunken altercation. Lank returns to his room, and is confronted by Frank about coming on to his wife. Frank punches Lank, who falls, hits his head, which accidentally kills him. Frank convinces Catcher that they will be looking for him as the killer, and tells him to get out of town. The other hired hands want Catcher hanged immediately, but Dan and Johnny want to bring him in order to get a fair trial.moreless
  • Second Son
    Second Son
    Episode 11
    When Al May comes home with a bag of stolen payroll money and being pursued by a posse, his younger half brother, Charlie, grabs the money and runs, letting himself get caught and taking the rap for Al. What he wants is acceptance by his dad and his brother, who blame him for his mother's running off with another man years before. Since Lily insists he's innocent and begs Dan to do something, he comes up with a plan to expose the truth.moreless
  • Samson the Great
    Samson the Great
    Episode 10

    A boxing promoter arrives in Laramie with "Samson the Great," a champion prizefighter. A number of local men pay for a chance to fight Samson in the hope of winning $50 but Samson easily defeats each of them. Samson then settles himself in the local saloon, becoming increasingly obnoxious and abusive. When Deputy McKay intervenes, Samson beats him up and Troop has to deal with the man himself.

  • Chantay
    Episode 9

    Chantay is a young Indian girl who runs away from the Indian school because her teacher makes her "do bad things." She is followed and returned by an Indian policeman, Great Bear, but not before she meets and is smitten with Johnny. Later, he finds her under the bed in the marshal's office as he's sleeping, to Dan and Lily's shared amusement. He must take her back to the school, and then has to prove she's innocent of murder.

  • The Post
    The Post
    Episode 8
    Dan and Johnny find Rafe, a wanted fugitive, in the Birdcage. Because of Rafe being a large man, it takes Dan, Johnny, and several of the patrons to take him into custody. Dan decides to take Rafe back to Concordia, where he is wanted for murder. Johnny and Lily try to talk him out of it, because Concordia is over 400 miles away. Dan takes Rafe back, and comes across a crooked sheriff. The sheriff has Dan arrested, and now he and Rafe have to work together to survive.moreless
  • Dilemma
    Episode 7
    Sam is a doctor in Denver that is recruited by outlaws to remove the bullet from one of them that got shot. Sam removes the bullet, but because he knows too much, they want to get rid of him. Sam escapes and heads to Laramie, where he changes his name, and gets a job scrubbing floors for Lily at the Birdcage. After saving a little boy that was injured in a horse and buggy accident, Dan realizes that Sam is hiding who he really is. When Doc Shea, the only town doctor in Laramie, takes ill, Dan and Johnny convince Sam to try and save him.moreless
  • Yawkey
    Episode 6

    Yawkey, who has killed 27 men and has the reputation of being the fastest gun alive, shows up at the Birdcage and sends notice to Dan that he's going to kill him at 3:30 that afternoon. Dan's never met him, and doesn't know why he wants to kill him. Both Johnny and Lily try to talk Yawkey out of it, to no avail. Dan is determined to do his job regardless of the consequences, much to Lily's dismay.

  • Return of Owny O'Reilly
    Owny catches a wanted man by snagging him on his fishing line. He takes the body back to town to claim the reward, and with Johnny going out of town to collect it for him, he suggests to Dan that Owny be made his deputy while he's gone. The results are hilarious, with Owny trying desperately to copy Dan in everything.moreless
  • The Old War Horse
    The Old War Horse
    Episode 4

    Bess Harper was Lily's mentor as a young girl, the woman who gave her her first job. Now she is an old alcoholic, in town to try to get five thousand dollars out of the town of Laramie left to it by her estranged ex-husband. Lily hatches a plan to rehabilitate her and get her back on stage, to the chagrin of her private investigator, who was the one who put the idea into her head.

  • The Mad Bunch
    The Mad Bunch
    Episode 3
    Bob Terry is searching for help for his ailing wife. He stumbles upon a gang of outlaws, who decide to shoot him and take his belongings. One of the gang, Joe Knox, was bothered by the shooting. Before he died, Bob tells Joe where to find his wife, Dory. Joe brings Dory to Laramie seeking medical help. Joe pretends he is her husband, but Dan soon realizes he's not telling the truth. Joe confesses he's not Bob, but the doctor tells him to play along in order to help with her recovery. Meanwhile, Joe's former gang finds their way to Laramie, and now its up to Dan, Johnny, and Joe to stop them.moreless
  • The Go-Between
    The Go-Between
    Episode 2
    Lily and Johnny are both kidnapped and held by a gang of blackmailing killers. They send a concussed, blindfolded Johnny back into town with orders to clean out Lily's bank account and leave the money where it can be picked up. Dan works with Johnny to figure out where she is being held before the men can get back to their hideout with the money. Dan knows they plan to kill her as soon as they return. The urgency both of them feel is indicative of the closeness the three of them have.moreless
  • The Town Boys
    The Town Boys
    Episode 1

    Johnny goes against everyone's better judgement when he takes personal responsibility for four boys who have been arrested for killing a milk cow. The four boys lack any direction in life and remind Johnny of himself at their age. He finds them work at the livery stable, determined to help them rehabilitate. Three of the boys end up admiring him and wanting his approval, while the fourth boy is not only "bad', he is criminal.