Lawman (1958)

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Dec 10, 1961 on ABC

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  • Lily runs into her old friend, Joe Wyatt. She invites him to the Birdcage not knowing that he is part of a robbery plot. She introduces him to Dan and Johnny as a gambler that also dabbles in tarot cards. He deals four cards, and one of them means death.

    This was a step up from yesterday's episode. See how much better it can be when you put a little thought into. Robert McQueeney makes yet another guest appearance in another different role, this time as Joe Wyatt. As we learn during the episode, he is a professional gambler, and has been on a losing streak. It is later revealed that in order to repay a debt, he is scouting Laramie for a future robbery by a gang of outlaws. They tried to play up that Lily was attracted to him at one time, and might still be a little, but they didn't really let Dan get jealous. Maybe if they would have had more time, they could have worked that into the plot. He is also a tarot card reader. I personally don't go in for that stuff, but they tried to make it come across like there might be something to that. One person at the table was going to come into money, which ended up being Lily, who got a check from a deceased relative's estate for $125. One going to take a trip, which ended up being Johnny, after they received a wire from Cheyenne, that the sheriff had captured a man they were looking for. One going to guard a pot of gold, which ended up being Dan. The only question left was who was the death card for. It sadly for Joe ended up being him. However, he did save Dan's life in the process, so that does count for something.