Lawman (1958)

Season 4 Episode 37

The Actor

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 27, 1962 on ABC

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  • Jeffrey Hendon, an out of work actor, stumbles into the Birdcage and asks for a drink. When Jake tries to collect payment, Hendon reveals he can't pay. Just as Jake is about to throw him out, Lily checks on the trouble, and discovers Hendon is bleeding.

    This is mostly a Lily episode. Unfortunately for Peggie Castle, it was at times pretty boring. Guest star John Carradine played the role of Jeffrey Hendon. He actually gets to perform several Shakespeare pieces, and that may be why I was bored. I loathe Shakespeare. The only play of his that I actually liked was Merry Wives of Windsor. Anyway, Hendon stumbles into the Birdcage, orders a drink, but can't pay. Jake wants to throw him out,but Lily take pity on him. They then find out he's bleeding. Dan and Johnny are summoned to figure out why. I had to stop and think Johnny is in most of the scenes of this episode, but I don't remember him having any lines. Hendon had been shot, but it was in the arm. The doctor patched him up, and told him, he'd be fine. Hendon had an encounter with Mrs. Carson. She took his performance the wrong way that he wanted to run away with her. She later shows up, and wants to marry him, despite the fact she is already married. Hendon turns her down, so she leaves and comes back with her husband Bill and her brother, who wasn't named. While Lily lets Hendon perform, Dan and Johnny are outside ready to thrown down with Bill and the brother. Dan outdraws Bill and shoots him in the hand. Mrs. Carson tries to shoot Hendon. Hendon claims that she missed, but it's later revealed she didn't. It was just a subpar story, one that they could do in their sleep.