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Lawman (1958)

Season 4 Episode 8

The Catalog Woman

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 05, 1961 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The Catalog Woman
When one of Laramie's citizens disappears the day after his wedding to a woman he met through a marriage catalog, Dan does some investigating. Learning that several other men have also disappeared after marrying someone from that agency, he decides to try to flush her out by posing as an eligible bachelor, Arthur Daniels. Lily at first thinks it's funny, but gets serious (and jealous) once Johnny points out that this could be for real - or even fatal.moreless

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  • Walt Perkins is getting married to a woman he met through a catalog. After Walt goes missing, Dan finds out that other men have disappeared as well. Dan goes undercover to try and catch the killer. Johnny and Lily go along for the ride.moreless

    This was an awesome episode that really put a great spotlight on the relationship between Dan and Lily. I love the scene where Lily is dictating the letter to Dan, and pouring her heart about her true feelings for him. He is completely oblivious and thinks she's just helping him right the letter to his mail order bride. I thought it was pretty funny that the bride turned out to be a man. You could have probably guessed since they never showed the bride's face until the very end. We also got to see Dan and Lily hug for the first time, and he finally sort of admitted that he has feelings for Lily too. The crook knocked Dan over the head and tried to escape. Luckily, Lily went to check on him, and was able to worn Johnny. We got to see that contest winning Peter Brown quick draw. He is fast. It's one of those don't blink or you'll miss it moments.moreless
Richard Carlyle

Richard Carlyle

Agatha Wingate and/or Ida Creevey

Guest Star

Herb Vigran

Herb Vigran

Walt Perkins

Guest Star

Charles Alvin Bell

Charles Alvin Bell


Guest Star

Vinton Hayworth

Vinton Hayworth

Oren Slauson

Recurring Role

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    • Dan: I'd soon be shot twice a day than write some mash note to a lady I don't know. I don't know what to say.
      Lily: Calm down, Dan. Why don't you pretend you're writing it to me, would that help?
      Dan: Come on, Lily, tell me what to say. I'm all jammed up on this.
      Lily: All right. You write and I'll dictate you a letter. (gazing lovingly at Dan behind his back) "My dear Lil... My dear Miss Creevey. Your charming letter of the ninth instance to hand. I cannot express how deeply it affected me. Your unflagging devotion to your father until the time of his passing speaks eloquently to me. Of your quality of soul. There are so few people in the world like you. So very few. That I would circle the earth to bring us closer. And having found you, I cannot turn away, for I too am lonely and seek to share. I too am steadfast. Once I have set my heart, no power on earth can move it. I remain most sincerely yours."
      Dan: Arthur Daniels. That's the name of the man I'm using.
      Lily: I forgot.
      Dan: Hey, that's pretty good. That'll bring results.
      Lily: Results? Oh, sure. Dan, I hope you marry her and live happily ever after! (storms off)
      Johnny: Wow. She looks peeved. What's the matter?
      Dan: I don't know, Johnny. She wrote a fine letter for me to send to Ida Creevey. Johnny, sometimes I think it takes a woman to understand a woman.
      Johnny: Yes, sir. Just like it takes a horse to understand a horse.
      Dan: Yeah.

    • Lily: Johnny, don't you think we ought to have a preacher on hand? You know, just in case.
      Dan: No preacher. I don't want any preachers around here. I'm not getting married.
      Lily: Why, no, Dan. But I thought you might like somebody to hear your last confession.

    • Lily: Johnny, you go see about the flowers. Red roses if you can find them. Dan and I are going to find out about the bridal suite.
      Dan: What do we need the bridal suite for?
      Lily: Well. You don't think she's going to kill you right out here in the street, do you?

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