Lawman (1958)

Season 3 Episode 12

The Catcher

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Dec 04, 1960 on ABC
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The Catcher
Catcher is a big, slow witted hired hand on a sheep ranch for Frank Fenway. He earned the nickname for his ability to take a punch in the stomach. Before heading out one morning, another of the hired hands, Lank Bailey, makes a pass at Mrs. Fenway. After hauling a herd of sheep into Laramie, the hired hands gather at the Birdcage, where Catcher and Lank have an drunken altercation. Lank returns to his room, and is confronted by Frank about coming on to his wife. Frank punches Lank, who falls, hits his head, which accidentally kills him. Frank convinces Catcher that they will be looking for him as the killer, and tells him to get out of town. The other hired hands want Catcher hanged immediately, but Dan and Johnny want to bring him in order to get a fair trial.moreless

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  • Catcher is a big, slow-witted hired hand for Mr. Fenway. He gets into a scuffle with Lank, another hired hand. Mr. Fenway goes to confront Lank, who's been coming on to Mrs. Fenway. Fenway accidentally kills Lank, and lets Catcher get blamed.moreless

    This was an okay episode. It wasn't great, but wasn't bad either. There was alot more that I liked than didn't like. I remembered the guy that played Catcher because he guest starred as Wyatt Earp on an episode of Maverick. He did a good job playing Catcher as the big, slow guy, that the other hands make fun of behind his back. He gets the name because he catches punches with his stomach, without flinching, in exchange for free beer. Early in the episode, when Fenway caught Lank kissing his wife, I thought we were going to have another adultery themed episode. (They did a large amount of those on these old westerns.) This time the wife didn't want to leave her husband, and objected to the bad boy's advances. Lank, played by the great James Coburn, did a great job coming off as a jerk. I really couldn't blame Mr. Fenway for decking him. Though why did he have to blame it on poor Catcher, and then convince to ride off and look even more guilty. Luckily, Dan and Johnny were able to talk the lynch mob out of hanging him on the spot. Because, of this being a 30 minute show instead of 60 minutes, you really didn't have a whole lot of time to get into Catcher's running from the law and there wasn't able to be much of a buildup to the big reveal at the end. I also did like the scene where Dan, Johnny, and Lily try to explain to Catcher that those guys really were not his friends. Those three showed a lot of heart. Coming from Texas myself, I wasn't really surprised that his mother named him after a prize cow. I've actually heard worse.moreless

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