Lawman (1958)

Season 1 Episode 1

The Deputy

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Oct 05, 1958 on ABC



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    • Dan: I wondered what happened to Sam.
      Johnny: You know him?
      Dan: Sam Blake. Real well.
      Johnny: Well, he got hung for horse stealing.
      Dan: That's one sure way to break the habit.

    • Shoemaker: Well, I--I imagine the people in Abilene were disappointed when you told them you were leaving.
      Dan: They managed to hide it.
      Shoemaker: Oh?
      Dan: You'd be surprised how unnecessary I started looking once trouble dies down.
      Shoemaker: Well, you won't find this town ungrateful.
      Dan: I like my gratitude once a month, payable to the nearest bank.

    • Dan: A town marshal's been killed. Unless I do something about it, it's liable to develop into a bad habit.

    • Shoemaker: You like cats?
      Dan: Why not? They're independent. They don't ask any favors. They'll even catch your mice for you - if you don't rub them the wrong way.

    • Walt Hawks: Don't you know who I am?
      Dan: Yep. I never walked into a town yet where I didn't have to to lick someone who thought he was real tough. You're him.

    • Lacy Hawks: A man oughta die with his best shirt on. It saves the undertaker from putting it on afterwards.

  • Notes

    • Stanley Farrar is listed in the end credits but doesn't appear.

    • In this episode, John Russell's hair is all dark brown. He would later have the silver streaks added to his hair, because he believed someone with Dan's experience should be in his mid-40's. Russell was only 37 when he took the role.

    • According to Peter Brown on his website, his relationship with John Russell was very similar to the relationship that Johnny McKay had with Dan Troop. On screen, Dan was teaching Johnny how to be a lawman. Off-screen, John was teaching Peter how to be an actor.

    • There is a yellow tomcat who serves at the "office cat," who is in quite a few of the episodes in the first season. It is never named, but Dan makes it plain in this first show that he "likes cats." From time to time he shows up in an episode, and then, after the first season, seems to disappear without comment.

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