Lawman (1958)

Season 4 Episode 34

The Doctor

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 06, 1962 on ABC

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  • Dan is escorting prisoner Will Evans from Saratoga to Laramie. Along the way the stage coach driver, Randy Whedon, becomes ill. One of the passengers says he used to be a doctor. Everyone else knows him as the town drunk. He says Randy has the plague.

    This was a Dan only episode. Lily is absent, and Johnny is only in the last scene after everything has been pretty much taken care of. Dan is trying to get his prisoner back to Laramie to stand trial. One of the passengers is his lawyer, who keeps questioning everything Dan does. One is a lady that is trying to get to Laramie to meet her fiance. The last one is the town drunk, who is the witness, and who also used to be a doctor. When the driver comes down with what appears to be the plague, he steps in to take care of him. Dan quarantined them, which was the smart thing to do. He was the only one willing to trust the doctor's judgment, and really as marshal, he couldn't take any chances of the plague hitting Laramie. Randy escapes, and Dan leaves a gun with the doctor to make sure Evans doesn't get away. Evans sees his chance, and dupes poor Sissy into thinking he is going to let her get to Laramie to meet her fiance. Randy dies, and when Dan returns there is the battle with Evans for control of the gun. I liked how when they got back to Laramie the lawyer offers to take them to the Birdcage for a drink, and he offers the doctor coffee. Hopefully, this gives the doctor a new lease on life. Johnny shows up to check in with Dan, and then gets in a funny bit about getting Sissy to the hotel because her fiance is going crazy waiting for her.