Lawman (1958)

Season 4 Episode 23

The Holdout

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 18, 1962 on ABC

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  • Logan leads a vigilante group into Laramie and starts tearing up the town. He and his men beat up a shopowner, and demand the town council remove Dan from office. Dan wants to arrest him, but can't make a charge stick, because no one will testify.

    Arch Johnson always plays a bad guy, and with that face of his its easy to see why. He just looks like a jerk, and his performance makes you want to see him get his comeuppance in the end. This episode also featured outstanding performances from its two main stars John Russell and Peter Brown. First off, John gave a gritty performance refusing to back down from Logan, and not willing to give in when the cowardly town council wanted Dan to surrender his badge. Then Peter gave such a heartfelt plea to Blake trying to get him to testify against Logan, and stop him from taking over the whole town. I missed Lily. Had this been a one hour show, I would have loved to have seen her get her two cents in on Logan's bullying. The showdown scene at the end was about as intense as you will see on any of the westerns of the late-50's to early-60's. This is one that I definitely can't wait to see again when it rolls around on Encore Westerns.