Lawman (1958)

Season 3 Episode 30

The Persecuted

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 09, 1961 on ABC
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The Persecuted
Burly Keller is drinking in the Birdcage when he decides to pick a fight with one of the locals, who has just become a new father. Dan tracks him down, and arrests him. Burly is put on trial, but the jury ruled he acted in self defense. Burly claims he wants to settle down in Laramie, so being old friends, Dan decides to give him the benefit of the doubt. However, after gunning down another man in the Birdcage, and trying to put the moves on Lily, Dan is now forced to confront his old friend.moreless

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  • Burly Keller is drinking in the Birdcage when he decides to pick a fight with one of the locals. Dan arrests him, but at the trial, Burly is found not guilty. Burly shoots another man, and puts the moves on Lily, forcing Dan to face him.moreless

    What a jerk that Burly guy is! He just went around picking fights with people just to see if he could outdraw them. He seemed to enjoy riling people up. That's pretty sick and twisted. I like how they had Lily know all along he was no good, and she even pointed out that Dan should have known better. Him putting the moves on her seemed natural. You wonder if he really had interest, or if he did it because he knew it would lure Dan into a fight, or maybe a little of both? I missed having Johnny in this episode. His absence is explained as Dan sending Johnny to Cheyenne to take care of some business for him. However, by Johnny not being there, it gave Lily and Jake a chance to play a more active role in the story. I felt sorry for Keller's wife. She kind of had the battered wives' syndrome without the battering. She knew her husband was no good, but still could not bring herself to leave him.moreless
Adam Williams

Adam Williams

Burley Keller

Guest Star

Jean Willes

Jean Willes

Annie Keller

Guest Star

Joseph Gallison

Joseph Gallison

Roy Barns

Guest Star

Dan Sheridan

Dan Sheridan

Jake, Bartender

Recurring Role

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    • Burley: You see, Dan, I know how to rile a man. I know how to rile a man so good I can make a killer out of him.
      Dan: Roy was no killer.
      Burley: Oh, sure he was. Same as the others. He became one when he went for his gun. He wanted to kill me. More than I want to kill you. I could see the look in his eyes.
      Dan: What you saw was the strength that came out in every man when he's facing an evil that threatens to destroy him.
      Burley: Oh, come on, Dan, don't preach to me. Those boys want to kill me.
      Dan: I killed a caught rattlesnake once. It hadn't bitten me yet, but it would have.
      Burley: You compare me to a rattler?
      Dan: I measure you about that high.

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