Lawman (1958)

Season 1 Episode 2

The Prisoner

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Oct 12, 1958 on ABC

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  • A bully named Dick Sellers likes to pick on old men and young boys. After killing a man in the saloon, Dan arrests him. However, witnesses all claim the old man drew first. The town council won't back Dan up, and demand Sellers be released.

    Sellers was exactly what Dan called him, a bully. He picked a fight with the old man in the bar, because he knew the guy didn't stand a chance with him. Dan arrests him, but everyone says it was self defense, even though Dan knew the old man could never have outshot Sellers. He tries to make the charge stick, but Judge Trager says his hands are tied. The best he can do is fine him $100 and let him go. He makes a deal with Dan to let him hold Sellers for a week.
    Johnny is guarding the jail, and when Dru brings the prisoner the evening meal, Dan shows Johnny how easily his gun could have been stolen. Sellersand Johnny exchange barbs, and Sellers says he will kill him after he finishes with Dan. Meanwhile, Sellers' men make a stink, and the cowardly town council eventually want him released. The claim they want to back Dan, but they also don't want any trouble either. Dan, disgusted with them, goes back, and let's Sellers go. Dan looks out the window, and realizes that he is getting laughed at. He charges over to the saloon where he finds Sellers again roughing up the newspaper editor. Dan challenges Sellers to a fight, and even throws a drink into his face. Sellars waits until Dan's back is turned before trying to shoot him. Dan is quicker on the draw.
  • A man who likes to pick on young boys and old men for gun fights meets his match with Dan Troop.

    A "big bully" type of episode where one guy thinks he can bully the whole town. A man kills an old man (whose deaf). Marshall Dan Troop brings him but finds the laws in the town are very lax toward killers.

    Unlike the pilot episode, we get more of a feeling of how the Town Council operates in town...they suck. While they the town to be safe, they also let criminals walk free.

    Dan sees this and in the finale of the episodes comes up with a clever (but law breaking) way of eliminating the bad guy from town essentially bating him into a fight.

    This is a well acted as are the others. Deputy Johnny McKay is still ineffective as a deputy (unlike the pilot episode) we see "learning the ropes" in handling certain scenarios.

    It's too bad that most people won't see Lawman as Warner Bros hasn't officially released DVD videos of it but the videos are out there in the form of select vhs and other sources to watch the series.
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