Lawman (1958)

Season 4 Episode 6

The Substitute

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Oct 22, 1961 on ABC

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  • When the local schoolmarm leaves town to get married, Dan is entrusted with the task of finding a new teacher. They want a guy named Skinner, but he has developed a drinking problem, so Lily volunteers. The townswomen aren't happy about it at all.

    This was absolutely hilarious! I was practically rolling on the floor from laughter. They need episodes like this to lighten things up, and what a talented group of actors that they can do both drama and comedy so well. The scene with Lily trying to trip Dan and Johnny up seeing if they can spell seismography was priceless. I liked Johnny standing up and putting his hands behind his back like he was in an actual spelling bee. Then you've got the women of the town getting all uptight about Lily being the teacher, because they didn't want their kids learning anything from lady saloonkeeper. Dan, not wanting Lily to be embarrassed talks to the only guy in town with a college education, Mr. Skinner. They said his first name, but I forgot what it was. He only wanted to drink. I can't believe kept count of how many bottles the guy drank in three years as a customer. Since he won't do it, Dan has Johnny lock him up for vagrancy. Skinner threatened to call the, but I was thinking Dan and Johnny are the law. The closing scene with Skinner asking Dan, Johnny, and Lily to leave was funny as well.