Lawman (1958)

Season 2 Episode 21

The Thimblerigger

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 28, 1960 on ABC



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    • The Thimblerigger: Madam, you misunderstand.
      Lily: You're a thimblerigger, aren't you?
      The Thimblerigger: Yes. I'm not here to gamble. I play my little game as a woman might knit, or a man whittle. as an exercise to distract the mind. No, madam, I'm not in Laramie to gamble. I've come to destroy a man.

    • Dan: I wasn't complaining. We were talking about that fool club Johnny belongs to. And he said I couldn't join--implied I couldn't join--because...
      Lily: Oh, you're nervous, Dan. Upset, edgy. You have all the symptoms.
      Dan: I feel fine.
      Lily: Oh no. Set jaw, stern eyes, intractable nature. You're infected, Dan. Bacheloritis. Death knell of the human race.
      Dan: Come on, Lily...
      Lily: I can write you out a prescription. The remedy is extreme but permanent. two words. Want to guess?
      Dan: Sure. "Get married."
      Lily: Doctor, cure thyself.

    • Lily: (describing the white-clad Thimblerigger) He's sitting there like white death.

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