Lawman (1958)

Season 3 Episode 33

The Threat

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 30, 1961 on ABC

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  • A hired gun named Swann picks a fight with James Chase in a saloon. The fight ends with Swann killing Chase. Dan has to let Swann go because all the bar patrons said that Chase drew first. Chase's brother, Edgar arrives and vows revenge.

    I watched the closing credits to see if Alfred Hitchcock had anything to do with this episode, because this episode reminded me of something that might have appear on his TV series. This was a very good psychological thriller. The regulars really take a back seat to the two guest stars playing Edgar and Mr. Swann. Johnny isn't in the episode at all, and Dan and Lily appear only briefly. You really can't blame Edgar for being mad. Everyone knew his brother wasn't violent, but yet this man Swann picks a fight and guns him down. The way Edgar then proceeds to follow him around, and do nothing, but yet yet its the doing nothing that is making Swann more and more nervous. Finally Swann shoots the man who hired him to kill James, thinking it was Edgar hiding in his room. Edgar gets that last laugh after all.
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