Lawman (1958)

Season 4 Episode 40

The Unmasked

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jun 17, 1962 on ABC

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  • Carter Banks and Samuel Davidson come into town looking for their cousin Billy Corbett. Dan and Lily think that Joe Brockway is really Billy. Joe later confesses to being Billy Corbett, and also to being the one that shot John Wilkes Booth.

    I liked the mixing of reality and fiction in this episode. It gives the story more of a sense of realism. John, Peter, and Lily do their usual great jobs. Banks and Davidson come looking for their cousin. Dan and Lily both think its Joe Brockway, who is now running the Laramie Hotel. This is a sign of them getting closer, that think alike now. Joe later confesses that he was the one that shot John Wilkes Booth, who had shot President Abraham Lincoln. He also mentions that Banks and Davidson are bounty hunters looking to collect on a $20,000 price tag placed on his head by a disgruntled Southerner. Dan and Johnny try to protect him, but Joe and Johnny both wind up going missing. This leads to Dan having to save the day. The plot twist at the end was a good one. There was an older fella selling miracle tonic out of a wagon. He would pop up every now and then, but I never would have guessed until the end that he was in on it. At the various times he was on, I kept wondering what was the point? Then it became clear, when Dan found Joe and Johnny tied up in the wagon.
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