Lawman (1958)

Season 4 Episode 40

The Unmasked

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jun 17, 1962 on ABC



  • Notes

    • In this episode, Joe Brockway reveals himself to be Billy Corbett, the man who shot John Wilkes Booth. In reality, Booth was shot by Thomas P. "Boston" Corbett. On April 26, 1865, Corbett and the 16th New York Cavalry surrounded a tobacco barn in Virginia. Booth and his partner, David Herold, were believed to be hiding inside. Herold surrendered almost immediately, while Booth refused to come out. Corbett saw Booth moving around inside and shot him, in spite of the Secretary of State's orders that he be taken alive. Corbett was arrested for disobeying orders, but those charges were later dropped.