Lawman (1958)

Season 4 Episode 41

The Witness

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jun 24, 1962 on ABC

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  • Beebee Williams is drawing pictures of people in the Birdcage. Nathan Adams comes in and tells Dan his wife was killed. Beebee thinks he saw who did it, and draws a picture of Jim Martin. Dan and Johnny bring Jim in, but they don't think he did it.

    So the series ends with a murder mystery, and a pretty good one at that. Adam's wife gets murdered. The other lady that was there, I wasn't clear if it was her sister or his. Anyway, she claims there was an intruder, and Beebee frames Jim Martin for it. We later learn that Beebee had a pre-existing grudge against Jim, because Jim mistakenly identified Beebee's brother Stacy, and they were hanged. Beebee managed to survive, but the rope left burns on his neck, and damaged his vocal cords. Major props to the special effects department for creating what appeared to be rope burns on guest star Jay Novello's neck. He also did a great job of faking that voice. Now, there was a character named Jim Martin from the episode earlier this season called "The Youngest," but they don't make any indication that this is the same guy. It is a different actor, so maybe it is just someone that had the same name. Dan, Johnny, and Lily don't think Jim did it. Jim claimed he was out fixing a fence at his place by himself. Jim goes to trial, and is found not guilty because the sister couldn't say for sure that he did it or not. Nathan vows to get even, and Dan gets right in his face, and tells him that he'd have to go through the marshal if he wanted vengeance. Dan and Johnny realize that they need to find the real killer before there is anymore blood shed. Dan investigates, while Johnny is assigned to guard Jim. Nathan confronts them in the Birdcage, and I liked the maturity Johnny has gotten that he stands right in between them. Dan then returns with the sister to reveal that she accidentally killed Mrs. Adams. She was cleaning Nathan's gun, when it went off. It was a good story to end the series. It's too bad it didn't get a fifth season, because this was a really good show.