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LAX is a drama that gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the busy Los Angeles International Airport. The show centers on the hectic lives of Harley Random (Heather Locklear) and Roger De Souza (Blair Underwood), the co-directors of the airport. Every day seems to pose a new challenge for this oddly matched pair. Their past relationships bleed into thier current one, further complicating Roger's marriage and Harley's boyfriend situations. The show also stars Tony Magulia (Paul Leyden), the Airline Passenger Coordinator who must find a happy medium between doing his job and being too kind to passengers. Nick (David Paetkau) the kind-hearted Immigration Officer, Betty (Wendy Hoopes) the sage Customs Agent, and Henry Engels (Frank John Hughes) the troubled LAPD Officer round out the main characters of this tense airline drama. Theme Song: "Mr. Blue Sky" by ELO

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    • Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood do a fantastic job running LAX in this airport drama, always finding ways to disagree but still keep the airport in good running condition. The unique idea of setting the drama inside an airport easily keeps interest.moreless

      I personally think that LAX was one of the best dramas on television within the past few years. It wasn't one of 20 procedural dramas like CSI or one of the 10 new alien/supernatural based shows of the 2005-2006 season, it was its own thing. That could be why it was such a short-lived series - people like to see the same thing over and over again for some reason I'll never understand.

      Heather Locklear is always a wonderful character wherever she end up. She was a strong lead in LAX as Harley Random. Her chemistry with Blair Underwood (Roger DeSouza), the co-director of LAX along with Harley, was wonderful. Their past sexual relationship in a way tainted their work relationship and Roger's relationship with his wife, but it also brought Roger and Harley closer together in a way. Through all their arguing and disagreeing, they cared for each other in a deeper way. They always found a solution to keep the airport running by the end of the episode. Their jobs weren't easy in the least, and they always let their emotions get involved in the high-intensity situations that ensued at LAX. Still they brought all this together to form something that was very intriguing and pleasing to watch.

      Tony the Airline Passenger Coordinator had a fairly interesting subplot in the episodes, often working with distressed passengers, letting his emotions get in his way to come to their aid. The introduction of Caitlin as his assistant greatly increased the level of interest in his storylines. Again we have the cheesy element of a sexual relationship between the characters, which never happens in real life, but it was good drama. Their relationship was initially strained due to the fact that Caitlin's father owned the airport, but it developed nicely (well at least for awhile) and formed into an interesting and close relationship.

      Moving on to Nick and Betty...I usually thought their subplots were quite irrelevant and not as interesting as the other storylines. Usually they involved Nick feeling bad for someone and trying to break the rules, then Betty gives him some advice and blah blah and then he still does something stupid anyway. Eventually his stupid actions became more stupid, ending up with him getting married to some asian lady though Betty strongly disapproved. I do think that their relationship FINALLY became worthwile by the end of the series and thoroughly enjoyed the end result. Overall not a horrible subplot. I liked how Nick was sensitive and Betty was protective and trying to help and how Nick took it the wrong way and how Betty got upset about it, but it just seemed a bit repetitive and dull.

      That leaves Henry, who I really hated. His character was some LAPD officer who had a drinking problem and kept almost getting in trouble because of it. I guess this could have been an alright idea, but the execution was horrible. Henry just seemed lame, and his scenes were so boring I just hoped he'd get fired half of the time so I wouldn't have to watch his crap. But that didn't happen of course. I think his role in the show faded though as it went on...maybe someone noticed that he was boring.

      Of course there were other recurring characters, and I'd have to say my favorites were Monique DeSouza and Eddie Carson. Monique loved Roger and no matter what he did, she still cared for him. She was a nice character. Eddie was goofy and sometimes annoying, but I liked his relationship with Harley. He liked her in a sexual way (of course), but she only liked him as a friend. She still embraced their friendly relationship and wasn't rude to him, and she liked spending time with him watching movies.

      LAX was an overall interesting show with few holes in the plot, but for some reason not many people saw the excellence in the series, leading to it's premature demise. Thankfully the show's 13 original episodes all eventually aired (thanks NBC), and the last episode was quite like a series finale, leaving me more content than usual, but still wanting more drama between Harley and Roger and crazy mishaps at LAX.

    • Bring it back!!

      On of the most underappreciated shows on the air in a long time. I couldn't understand why this show wasn't given a fair chance to prove it's quality on the air. It had such a good chemistry between the characters. You felt an instant connection when you watched the problems unfold.

      And you have to love Heather Locklear, old enough to be my mother and still looking so great that I really would want to date her (and not be a shamed for it). It had the potential of becoming one of the greater shows on the air. To bad that the producers of tv shows these days only are interested in high ratings from the getgo and are not willing to give a show the chance to develop itself and create a wide fanbase.moreless
    • This show was such a great masterpiece why did they have to cancel it?. This show was getting in such good rating's.

      I love airports and traveling that is why I like this show. On a scale of1 to 500 I rate this show 499.9%. This show is so superb. This is a well made show and I've been to the actual airport that they filmed in ,it is right here in the capital city of Idaho at the Boise airport to be exact.
    • I didn't watch LAX from the start, and now I regret it.

      LAX is one of the best shows I had ever discovered on television.

      Unfortunately, I hadn't watched it from the start, and caught up with the storyline at about episode six.

      Then I got really into the show.. and then it ended.

      I was just watching the last episode.. then I thought 'Oh my god. No way. That can't be.'

      It's great. But unfortunately, over.

      If you get the chance to watch LAX, then do it.

      You won't regret it.moreless
    • Great show with wonderful actor dynamics. It's not the plot, but the great people!

      Let's be honest, a person does not really watch LAX for the plot, but for the people instead. I don't mean the actors, but the characters. I know that LAX was not a comedy, but it was unintentionally funny! The character dynamics made me laugh so much, but there were serious moments and some very touching moments.

      It didn't hurt that Tony was very very hot, especially when he was playing poker with his shirt off!

      Touching Moments included Tony playing poker with the old guy that was dying who wanted to go to Vegas; Thanksgiving dinner at the airport, helping out the airline crew who lost their jobs because the airline went out of business.

      I really wish they'd bring it back. I thought the way they ended it really left things hanging. There's so much more I want to know about Harley and her family relations, as well as Roger with his marriage.moreless

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