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  • Season 1
    • Senator's Daughter
      Senator's Daughter
      Episode 13
      After Roger has a second affair with his wife's divorce attorney he attempts to regain control of his life and prove he can be a good father and husband. However, the arrival of a senator's teenage daughter from Amsterdam complicates his life plan when he discovers she brought a little illegal souvenir home. Meanwhile, Harley mulls over an offer to run Dallas International Airport and Tony tries to regain Caitlin's trust after his alleged romantic slip. Elsewhere, Betty helps Nick toast his pending nuptials with a few drinks and some romantic confessions.moreless
    • Mixed Signals
      Mixed Signals
      Episode 12
      An incoming airliner "accidentally" squawks (jargon for transponder code) a Hijack warning. This leads to a full emergency, SWAT, the lot.. Which also leads to a crime of monumental cunning.. Meanwhile, Eddie engages in some crime of his own, Roger's life takes an unexpected complicaturn and Harley moves house.
    • Cease & Assist
      Cease & Assist
      Episode 11
      Harley and Roger must try to keep peace when protesters try to stop the departure of an African political activist who was wrongly convicted of murder. The activist is set to return home for execution, and like usual, Harley and Roger take opposite sides on the issue. Roger's aspiration to be on the city council clouds his judgement. Also, a former passenger begs Nick for help, forcing him to confront a past decision.moreless
    • Secret Santa
      Secret Santa
      Episode 10
      As Christmas approaches, events at LAX heat up when the police show up looking for a robber dressed as Santa Claus. Meanwhile, Eddie, seeking a new job as Harley's assistant, meets an attractive barmaid. Roger also deals with being kicked out of his house after he has resumed his gambling addiction and squandered most of his wife's money, while Harley herself flashes back to a previous Christmas during a runway party where she and Roger had a brief fling which almost ended his marriage.moreless
    • Thanksgiving
      Episode 9
      Thanksgiving Day at LAX bring about some interesting events, both personal and professional, when Henry and Caitlin deal with the fallout when an airline goes out out business and cancels all its flights, leaving hundreds of stranded passengers and a handful of layed off employees in the terminal. Harley and Rodger also deal with a sudden strike by the ground crew, and Harley's estranged younger sister, Julie, shows up and asks her to spend Thanksgiving with their parents, which Harley dispises. Meanwhile, Tony takes charge of overseeing a 10-year-old boy traveling alone to meet his parents, and whom has a big attitue.moreless
    • The Pictures to Prove It
      A female who is a trial witness against her boyfriend disappears, and the LAX folks place the airport on security lockdown so that they can search for this missing federal witness. During the lockdown, Caitlin helps a couple that is having some wedding jitters.
    • Out of Control
      Out of Control
      Episode 7
      A suspended airtraffic controller comes back from his suspension early, and brings along his gun. He takes over the control tower, holding Harley and the tower crew hostage. Roger tries to rescue the hostages by giving himself as a hostage instead, but ends up just being an addition to the other hostages. Meanwhile, Betty's dog Wally viciously attacks a passenger, causing her to worry that he'll be taken away from her.moreless
    • Unscheduled Arrivals
      During a surpise inspection by an FAA inspector, Harley and Roger have trouble keeping everything running smoothly. They must deal with a plane that must make an emergency landing and crowds of paparazzi waiting to catch a glimpse of the soon-arriving Prince William. Elsewhere, Nick must deal with an Uzbekistani man seeking asylum.moreless
    • Abduction
      Episode 5
      An arab couple is involved in a custody dispute and the case revolves around whether a U.S. or Egyptian court has jurisdiction. The child was born in the U.S. and the wife, who is an old friend of Harley's, claims the husband tricked her into going to Egypt where she has no rights by saying it was a vacation. Meanwhile, despite misgivings, Tony hires a new employee who has an influential and wealthy father.moreless
    • Credible Threat
      Credible Threat
      Episode 4
      Harley and Roger are informed by Homeland Security that LAX is to be put on high alert due to a "credible threat." The two co-directors can't decide on whether they should tell the public about the situation or not, while tension rises as the heightened state of alert raises security and causes more delay for the passengers. Roger refuses to let his daughter fly to her recital, putting strain on their relationship. Meanwhile a son decides he can't take care of his senile old mother anymore and decides to leave her at the airport. Tony discovers her and must take care of her.moreless
    • The Longest Day
      The Longest Day
      Episode 3
      Roger is disturbed by an electrical surge on his plane while he's on his way home from a conference in Sacramento. He suspects trouble and uses his LAX status and experience to try to control the situation. He finds that the plane is having a massive power failure and instruments are beginning to fail. Harley tries to guide the plane down from the LAX control tower while Tony attempts to comfort Roger's wife as she waits for him in the terminal.moreless
    • Finnegan, Begin Again
      Harley and Roger are surprised to hear that a living person has arrived in a coffin, and set off on trying to find the person's true identity and why he flew to LAX in a coffin. Meanwhile, a sympathetic Tony tries to find twelve seats on a plane to Albany so a little league team can make their first national championship. Other staff at the airport have trouble trying to control the unique bird problem outside the airport.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      The overall director of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) commits suicide... now his two underlings spar amongst themselves for his former position and title, by attempting to prove they can handle the pressures of operating one of the world's largest and busiest aviation gateways.