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  • Great show with wonderful actor dynamics. It's not the plot, but the great people!

    Let's be honest, a person does not really watch LAX for the plot, but for the people instead. I don't mean the actors, but the characters. I know that LAX was not a comedy, but it was unintentionally funny! The character dynamics made me laugh so much, but there were serious moments and some very touching moments.

    It didn't hurt that Tony was very very hot, especially when he was playing poker with his shirt off!

    Touching Moments included Tony playing poker with the old guy that was dying who wanted to go to Vegas; Thanksgiving dinner at the airport, helping out the airline crew who lost their jobs because the airline went out of business.

    I really wish they'd bring it back. I thought the way they ended it really left things hanging. There's so much more I want to know about Harley and her family relations, as well as Roger with his marriage.