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Welcome to the LazyTown guide at A place where you'll wanna stay --- forever!!!

"LazyTown enhances preschoolers' kinesthetic skills and awareness of of healthful behaviors." --- Noggin show benefits description

LazyTown is the laziest town you'll ever visit. Or at least, it would be, if the town grump, Robbie Rotten, had his way. Unfortunately for him, Stephanie, the mayor's vibrant pink-haired niece (played by Broadway's own Julianna Rose Mauriello), has come to LazyTown and she would rather have the kids outdoors playing sports with her than indoors playing video games all the time. She and her uncle enlist the help of Sportacus 10, a superhero with great athletic skills and abilities, who encourages the kids to get out and play, run around, dance or whatever else it takes to get their move on! Soon everyone's out joining Stephanie and Sportacus in all sorts of fun adventures including Stephanie's Uncle Milford (Mayor Meanswell to everyone else); Bessie Busybody, the town gossip; Ziggy, a cheerful kid who loves candy; Stingy, a seven-year-old who sometimes lets jealousy and selfishness get the best of him; Trixie, the smartest of the kids but she's also the most mischievous; and Pixel, an addictive video gamer and technology wiz.

The only one not joining in on the fun is Robbie Rotten who fears that LazyTown is losing it's lazy reputation thanks to Sportacus. So, Robbie sets out to get rid of the blue-clad hero forever, or, at the very least, make him look like a fool. However, it's usually Rotten himself who looks the fool in the end.

This hyper series features creator Magnus Scheving as Sportacus. Magnus, a silver medalist in the World Championships in aerobics and two-time European Champion in aerobics, is not only the star, writer and director of show, he's also the CEO, creator and co-founder of LazyTown Entertainment. LazyTown Entertainment was a company created in 1995 to promote healthy life for children through videos, books, games, sporting goods and much more. Nick Jr. turned to Magnus and LazyTown Entertainment to create a new series for the network and what they came up with was the energetic and colorful LazyTown. The show features CGI, puppetry and animatronic work from award winning members of The Jim Henson Company in New York, The Creature Shop in London and the Neal Scanlan Studio in London whose combined credits range from family fare like Babe, 101 Dalmatians and The Witches to more adult fare such the Academy Award winning The English Patient. The show consists of a cast and crew from both America and Iceland and the program is now a massive success in both countries.

Character Guide:

Stephanie - Stephanie is the niece of Mayor Milford Meanswell. She is a pink-haired girl performed by Julianna Rose Mauriello and is one of only three characters on the show represented in human form. Stephanie is an athletic dancer and enjoys games of all sorts. She is generally sociable and has made friends with all of the kids in LazyTown.

Sportacus - Sportacus is a superhero from the north. Summoned by Stephanie with the help of her uncle, the Sportacus seen on the program is known as Sportacus 10, although there have been others in the past. Performed by show creator Magnús Scheving , Sportacus is generally only referred to as "Sportacus 10" in early episodes. Sportacus lives in a large airship that flies above LazyTown. His airship includes a number of useful gadgets, including a smaller version of the ship itself known as the "sky chaser." Sportacus is known for amazing superhero moves, including flipping and jumping. Sportacus eats only healthy foods and gets to sleep at 8:08 P.M. each night. He wears a crystal on his chest that sounds an alert whenever someone in town is in trouble.

Robbie Rotten - The show's "villain," Robbie is a nemesis straight from the old-school. Performed by Stefán Karl Stefánsson, Robbie enjoys dressing up in disguises, laughing meanly and hatching sinister schemes. Robbie is incredibly lazy, but will expend surprising amounts of energy in his quest to keep the kids of town lazy and rid the town of Sportacus forever!!! Robbie's plans often succeed on a temporary basis, but are generally quickly unraveled. He has been described by the kids as a "big softie." Robbie loves sleeping and he also is fond of eating cake. Whereas Sportacus oversees the town from above, Robbie lurks in an underground lair. He uses extendable binoculars planted throughout the town to spy on the inhabitants. Though often reclusive and antisocial, Robbie sometimes feels the need to be included in the town's activities and becomes indignant when he is left out. He also often talks to himself and sings songs about his plots.

Mayor Milford Meanswell - Stephanie's uncle and one of several puppet characters on the program. Performed by David Matthew Feldman, Meanswell, generally "means well" for the town, but isn't always a very effective mayor. He can be indecisive at times and often seems willing to go along with Robbie when he dresses up as an authority figure. Meanswell is fond of Miss Busybody and will do anything to get on her good side.

Miss Bessie Busybody - Miss Busybody generally does not like children very much, but also largely keeps to herself. She can be very demanding at times, but Mayor Meanswell seems to dote on her.

Ziggy - Stephanie's best friend, along with Trixie. Ziggy is a generally hyper boy who loves candy. He is learning a lot about healthy habits from Sportacus. Ziggy can be bold and daring at times and often dreams of being a superhero. Ziggy is sometimes known to fib. He is generally a good friend to Stephanie and will often support her when nobody else will.

Trixie - Stephanie manages to get over Trixie's initial meanness and become friends with her. Trixie often refers to Stephanie as "Pinky." She is rather sporty too, but also sometimes enjoys doing "girly" things.

Pixel - Pixel is a wizard when it comes to computers and electronics. Pixel is learning to enjoy outdoor sports and fun, but brings his own unique twist to them. Pixel fits in well with the group of kids, despite his tendency to sometimes play too long on his computer.

Stingy - True to his name, Stingy is somewhat greedy and selfish. This doesn't stop him, however, from being friends with the other LazyTown kids. Stephanie and the others are helping him to see that sometimes sharing and playing with friends is better. Because of his selfish nature, Stingy is sometimes an easy target for Robbie's schemes. Stingy is rather musical and plays the harmonica and other instruments.

Show Theme:

Welcome to LazyTown A place where you'll wanna stay You'll meet Robbie with his rotten plan. And Sportacus saving the day. Stephanie is new in town And soon she and Ziggy are friends. With Pixel, Stingy, and Trixie too They're gonna have a blast together

Go, go, go get up LazyTown It's a start of a brand new day Things are upside down here in LazyTown. Adventure's just a moment away.

LazyTown was a part of Nick Jr.'s programming lineup, but has now come to an end. If you live in the United States and want to be able to see LazyTown every day, tune into the Noggin network --- available on most cable and satellite providers as part of higher-tier programming packages or for an additional cost. Noggin, unfortunately, generally only airs episodes from the first season of the program. Don't live in the United States? LazyTown airs on CBeebies and Nick Jr. in the U.K. Check listings in all areas to find out when you can catch the program, as airtimes are variable and may change with little notice.

Looking for more ways to interact with the show? You can now find the program available on several DVDs, featuring bonus music videos. LazyTown toys and other merchandise are also now available.

LazyTown once aired on weekends on CBS, but is no longer a part of the programming lineup, as CBS has replaced weekend Nick Jr. airings with "KOL's Saturday Morning Slumber Party," featuring mainly DiC programming.moreless
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  • Most overrated educational show since Dora!

    This show was so cheesy! The puppets look so fake?!? What's so bad is that not only do they look horrible, but they don't fit in with humans (Unless its Muppets or Sesame Street) This show was god awful! Its right on my top 5 hated educational shows! And why is this called LazyTown when it is meant to teach kids how to be active and exercise (Well at least it has some educational value)? This is just pointless! Keep your kids away from this cheesy piece of garbage and put on Blue's Clues or Oswald on instead! Overall Grade: (1/10) F-moreless
  • Lazy Town? More like.. Oh wait nvm

    This show is so clueless. Not funny, not cool, not cute, just awful.
  • O my god!

    I've been watching this show since 2005 then we got dish and we didn't have it any more so im surprised! but how do you watch the episodes!?!?!?!?!?!?!.
  • My childhood right her!

    I really like that pirate song,so fucking funny!
  • One of the best shows ever.

    I'm just going to flat out say this, LazyTown is without a doubt one of the best children's tv shows on Nick Jr.

    It's educational and teaches kids how to be more active, the characters are especially enjoyable such as our pink haired heroine Stephanie who is a terrific dancer and singer, very energetic and cheerful might I add.

    And speaking of enjoyable characters there is the dashing Sportacus, an atheletic "Above Average" superhero type who can do amazing acrobatic moves, his actor Magnus Scheving is also the creator of the show and is a former athlete in real life.

    But by far the most well loved character is Robbie Rotten (in the Islandic version he is called Glanni Glpur) who is the main villain, Robbie is a master of disguise and is very much similar to Jim Carrey in the way of mannerisms (especially if you've seen the 2000 live action adaptation of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, you'd notice a similarity between Robbie and Jim Carrey's portrayal of the famous green meanie).

    He even makes funny faces similar to the way Jim does and is a brilliant character, he has truly show-stopping villain song numbers in some of the episodes. And he never does anything truly scary or evil, he just enjoys being mischevious and a trickster for the fun of it - well that and he wants to make sure everyone in town stays lazy.

    The supporting cast are mainly puppets including Ziggy (a blonde chubby boy who likes eating sweets), Pixel (an African American boy who is a computer genius), Stingy (a snobby rich boy who considers everything to be his own), and Trixie (a girl with a scooter and black hair who is a sarcastic and often spunky practical joker).

    There's also Mayor Meanswell who is Stephanie's beloved uncle and the mayor, he is a bit clumsy but is also kindly and has good advice to give out sometimes.

    Miss Busybody is the love interest of Mayor Meanswell, she has blue hair in a beehive style and is always seen talking on her phone.

    Sportacus travels around in an airship that has quite a good supply of health food and sports equipment as well as other items needed. He moves around by doing backflips and other acrobatic moves.

    Robbie on the other hand has a lair filled with all sorts of kooky high tech gadgetry as well as various disguises he often wears to try and fool the people of the town. Robbie slinks around causing all sorts of mischief, kind of like the Grinch.

    If you have a small child of your own, I heavily reccomend showing them this show because I gurantee they will love this.


    Halloween 2006


    Healthy living with SpongeBob SquarePants

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