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  • Look at this net.

    That I just found. When I say go, be ready to review. Go!

    Ok. The fact that hundreds of people have memorized Robbie Rotten's song lyrics is proof enough that this show is the best meme of 2k16.
  • I can't stand this show but its a funny meme

    I don't like this show. I used to dance and laugh when the Bing Bang (or whatever) song comes on. Man I still whip nae to it. Its fresh. But the puppets are creepy. I do recommend this show if you child likes to supersize and is like the age of 1-6 because no bigger kid would jump and dance to this show. The songs are great and everything is good but the show does not make sence. You can show this to little kids to exercise but enjoy your painful headache and nightmares of the puppets!
  • The Message: Being active is good!

    A wild and dynamic show with plenty of euro-pop music, slapstick comedy, and panto-style drama. Sportacus spends his time back-flipping, hand-standing, running, and jumping all in an effort to prove that being active is good for you... and fun too. Hugely entertaining for the young!
  • Where is the good message?

    I don't see how this show sends a good message. Sportacus occasionally eats fruit after he prances about and plays with it. Why call it "sports candy"? Why refer to candy at all? It seems like it's just a chance for Magnus Scheving to showcase his athletic skills.

    And they seriously don't suspect Robbie Rotten every time? And why do they need the fitness freak with unrealistic capabilities who lives in the sky to rescue them every time?

    I can't see the good message.

    I suppose it does get my kids up and moving though, moving well away from the TV. So, um, well done?

    No, seriously, I only gave this a 10 because of the "You Are A Pirate" meme.
  • Most overrated educational show since Dora!

    This show was so cheesy! The puppets look so fake?!? What's so bad is that not only do they look horrible, but they don't fit in with humans (Unless its Muppets or Sesame Street) This show was god awful! Its right on my top 5 hated educational shows! And why is this called LazyTown when it is meant to teach kids how to be active and exercise (Well at least it has some educational value)? This is just pointless! Keep your kids away from this cheesy piece of garbage and put on Blue's Clues or Oswald on instead! Overall Grade: (1/10) F-
  • Lazy Town? More like.. Oh wait nvm

    This show is so clueless. Not funny, not cool, not cute, just awful.
  • O my god!

    I've been watching this show since 2005 then we got dish and we didn't have it any more so im surprised! but how do you watch the episodes!?!?!?!?!?!?!.
  • My childhood right her!

    I really like that pirate song,so fucking funny!
  • One of the best shows ever.

    I'm just going to flat out say this, LazyTown is without a doubt one of the best children's tv shows on Nick Jr.

    It's educational and teaches kids how to be more active, the characters are especially enjoyable such as our pink haired heroine Stephanie who is a terrific dancer and singer, very energetic and cheerful might I add.

    And speaking of enjoyable characters there is the dashing Sportacus, an atheletic "Above Average" superhero type who can do amazing acrobatic moves, his actor Magnus Scheving is also the creator of the show and is a former athlete in real life.

    But by far the most well loved character is Robbie Rotten (in the Islandic version he is called Glanni Glpur) who is the main villain, Robbie is a master of disguise and is very much similar to Jim Carrey in the way of mannerisms (especially if you've seen the 2000 live action adaptation of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, you'd notice a similarity between Robbie and Jim Carrey's portrayal of the famous green meanie).

    He even makes funny faces similar to the way Jim does and is a brilliant character, he has truly show-stopping villain song numbers in some of the episodes. And he never does anything truly scary or evil, he just enjoys being mischevious and a trickster for the fun of it - well that and he wants to make sure everyone in town stays lazy.

    The supporting cast are mainly puppets including Ziggy (a blonde chubby boy who likes eating sweets), Pixel (an African American boy who is a computer genius), Stingy (a snobby rich boy who considers everything to be his own), and Trixie (a girl with a scooter and black hair who is a sarcastic and often spunky practical joker).

    There's also Mayor Meanswell who is Stephanie's beloved uncle and the mayor, he is a bit clumsy but is also kindly and has good advice to give out sometimes.

    Miss Busybody is the love interest of Mayor Meanswell, she has blue hair in a beehive style and is always seen talking on her phone.

    Sportacus travels around in an airship that has quite a good supply of health food and sports equipment as well as other items needed. He moves around by doing backflips and other acrobatic moves.

    Robbie on the other hand has a lair filled with all sorts of kooky high tech gadgetry as well as various disguises he often wears to try and fool the people of the town. Robbie slinks around causing all sorts of mischief, kind of like the Grinch.

    If you have a small child of your own, I heavily reccomend showing them this show because I gurantee they will love this.

  • A lazy-made show made by a bunch of lazy made people

    Now I grew up with Nickelodeon and in the morning when I had off from school, I would go and watch Nick Jr. They had a lot of good shows like Allegra's Window, Blue's Clues and Gullah Gullah Island (who could forget Binyah Binyah? :P) Now, 15 years later, there's Dora the Explorer, Dora's cousin Diego (how the heck did he get a spinoff), Yo Gabba Gabba which makes me not wanna be a Pinhead no more and this beast.

    This show is awful. It isn't an American show, it isn't a British show, it's from freaking Iceland. Everything is messed up. The characters consist of some weird dude with a giant chin, a Sakura-Chan fangirl and a bunch of puppets who look more like midgets. How this show won awards I'll never know because it's stupid, badly dubbed and annoying. Skip it.
  • Basically a good show for children

    I watch this show daily with my three year old, along with many other preschool oriented shows on Noggin. I think it's a great show. It teaches kids that its good to be active, and healthy, and in a country where half of the kids are over weight that's a good thing. I also think that it teaches kids to be nice to other people, cause you have Robby rotten which is always trying to ruin things for the kids but they never really dislike him. So yeah to all of you nay-sayers out their that don't like the show just because you're an adult how hard is it to just change the channel. I mean they didn't create the show for adults they created it for little children, and children like bright colors, funny songs, and as for the fact of the impossible moves that Spartacus does. That's just endears the show even more to children, cause at this age, half of the stuff that they are trying to do seem pretty impossible to them at first, until they get it.
  • It was sucha funny, actiony, colorful, show but It's not on anymore.

    Lazy Town should be praised more it's not as good as Backyardigans but it's way better then Dora. The Story is about a girl named stephnie who moves to Lazy Town for her summer vacation. She meets these kids who are incredibly lazy so she gets help from Sportacus to whip Lazy Town back into shape and stop Robbie Rotten's evil plans to make Lazy Town lazy. It was a great,colorful show that taught kids how to be active. Their songs were up-beat and catchy. Even though their were more puppents then people it's still pretty funny. Plus, It's cool When Sporticus does some actiony things. Too bad it's not on. Also, too bad kids would rather watch some big headed spanish girl with some singing map and a klepto Maniac fox which he snatches stuff then justs throw it into no-where. What kind of robber does that. But I'm getting off-track nick jr. should defiatly bring this show back.
  • More like "good for nothing idiotic waste of time- town"for me...

    Theme song: neutral.

    Title: neutral.

    Art: what art? EVERYTHING is made of plastic! I'm not joking - the trees, houses, computers and even apples and ice creams! What the hell?!

    Characters: oh boy! This is geting creapy AND crapy at the same time ( O_O ). Now, hold your breath, ready? Here it goes: 60% of all the characters are PUPETS!!!! This is not funny, it is getting scary and can give nightmares to any sensible wiever... Just one word - WTF?????!!!!!! If you guys didn't had enough money to hire more actors, why bother at all? Either you should have ALL chars made of plastic, or ALL chars with real skin!

    Story: a town where a bunch of idiots don't do anything worth watching, except a pink psycho girl, a blue twit and a paranoic badguy...

    Humour: errr... humour not found...

    Misc: it is bad already that the main badguy (he's the only badguy, BTW) wears visible makeup. But mister fantastic himself - Sportacus wears makeup too! I'm not joking! If you look close enough you will see, that he has pink lipstick on his lips. WTF!? Is this a subliminal message for kids? "Hey, boys! It is cool to wear makeup! Why dont you put some eye shadows too?!"Pitifull...

    In conclusion: this is the most creapy and crapy show ever! If you don't want your braincells to die DONT watch this!
  • They wanted to put this on air?!?!?!! o.o

    Wow what a discrace for a show, I don't even know where I begin. This show was TERRIBLE, an eye sore, the worst excuse for a show! The main charcter who's a girl has pink hair...eww. Mostly all the charcters are puppets and everything is just strange! This show was so gay looking with the weird backgrounds and strange songs. I seriously don't know what people were thinking when they thought, "Oh hey, that looks like a great show, let's put on the air for other people to enjoy!" Does it look like we enjoyed it? This doesn't teach anything to children as far as I'm concerned, just like Wonder Pets. Epic fail and poor excuse for a show. Final Grade: A huge big fat F!
  • Ah!!! The plastic people are coming!

    Kind of lame, and the actors are a bit too happy while on the TV, I think they get paid too much. Most people in this show have plastic faces, thats a bad example for the little kids because they will say "Mom/Mum can I have a plastic face like the people on Lazy Town. I wouldn't surprised if they did have plastc surgery. The bad dude looks freaky and is really really corny. I think he thinks hes funny, he even laughs at his own jokes sometimes which aren't funny. So change the channel before the girl starts singing, thats when you go insane.
  • Ummm...

    Honestly, this show is...retarted. And for a few reasons at that. First of all, why is almost everyone plastic?! It adds to the fake-ness of the show. Second, I don't understand why it's called Lazytown. Because they're...lazy? And third, I just don't get it at all. Just like the classification says, Who thought of this?! They should go hit their head on the wall and hope some sense was knocked into them. I know, I'm being a little harsh on a kids' show that most children love, but I just wanted you all to know my opinion. And I think this show is messed up.

    Who the heck thought up this "show" called Lazy Town. You have to be kidding me. Childrens shows are apparently not what they used to be. Just thinking of this show is appalling enough to make me want to hurt someone. Seriously...firstly...what's with their hair and clothes. And the And they're just a little too hyper active and overly perky to be honest. Seriously, my 3 year old cousin DESPISES this show. He refuses to watch it. Can't say I blame him. It seems more scary than entertaining. Anyways, I would just love to know what the writers who came up with this show were thinking..
  • here it is!

    its f*cking anoying to write reviews about this show... but if it gets deleted i will write a review again!! ok everybody knows that this show is f*cking lame!! makes me sick ... and the songs are sooooooooooo anoying!! well its the lamest thing!! ok lets change the subject!! i want to say hi to all my friends XD Hi Everybody!!!! so see this funny vid :P its NOT about lazy town dont worry!! its with eddie murphy and here it is :
    believe me u wont regret watching this ! so i want to say ciau to my friend XD Ciau everybody XD
  • Tis show is... uhh... interesting.

    Okay, when I first landed upon this show and saw those, well, creepy puppets and strange bad guy I was kinda frightened! When you first see this show you are kinda wondering what the creators were smoking when they came up with this! The little girl is talented and adorable, but the main hero has a strange accent and his pants are too tight. I almost covered my daughter's eyes! After watching the episode I changed my opinion about the bad guy, he actually is kinda funny and the music is great. Part of me wants to say that we need a show that is for kids and actually has good music, but then the other side of me says that it is still to creepy for my kids, or maybe it's just me...
  • your show is the bests i love to watch everyday i wish i could see stepheny in real life i would live to be on the show i've been in plays before but not on t.v my name is jazzmin if you like to see me come to 69 pensylvaina ave bye bye xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    your show is the bests i love to watch everyday i wish i could see stepheny in real life i would live to be on the show i've been in plays before but not on t.v my name is jazzmin if you like to see me come to 69 pensylvaina ave bye bye ps it is absolutely fantabules fantabules is fabulous and fantastic put together my favorit lazy town charactor would have to be stepheny because she never give up no matter what happens becaouse sportucus beleves in her thats why lazy town is my favorit show write back xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  • Magnus is amazing! This is genius work.

    My son loves this show....while I love what it teaches him. This show has a great cast and sportacus is a true hero for children. My son gets very little T.V. time, and when he does......all he wants is Lazy Town. I could'nt be more pleased that Magnus is who he is and helps children to be healthy and active. Less health concerns come from staying healthy and active.Watching interviews with Magnus is just as enjoyable for me. There should be more people in the world like Magnus Scheving. Stupidity and laziness might cease to exist eventually. Thank You Magnus. Please keep it coming.
  • its horrible scary people with plastic beards:S

    really really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really badreally really bad
  • A show that influences kids to become active, responsible and put values in imagination.

    This show has some of the catchiest songs I've ever heard. Compared to some sickeningly sweet shows for children which I had witnessed over the years, this has been a welcome change. Every episode has something different to offer your child, and I have no vices with singing along. (Dare I say it? I have memorized some of the words!) It's a fun series, and the pink hair is just to cute. Though I know it is difficult and unfamiliar to watch a show were over half the cast are dolls, but you know what? That's dealable. Because who is this show trying to impress? Kids. And it's working.
  • This show only gets a 4 because it's a Disgrace to Action, Humor and Comedy.

    My 80th review after a poorly made CGI cartoon: "Pet Alien"

    This is a Very Bad show. It's another one of those Action shows we just really Didn't Need. It's an Official Disgrace to Action Humor and Comedy. This is like the Poorest use of Comedy senses I have ever seen in my life. They even copied Bad Cartoony Sound effects and edited them on the humor scenes. First of all, This show barely has any Humor for such a Nick jr show, Second, If you hate this show and see it's action, you'll think It will be the most Lamest excuse for a Action show You'll have ever seen. It's very Boring and Stupid, The Music has: Techno, Pop, and Hip-hop genres and some of them are not that bad and some of them are just Poor and Lacky. All the Puppets in the show look Hideous and Nasty. And what the *beep* is up with this Healthy Super-hero thing dressed in Blue?! It's like Adam West had got the can and had been forced to be the hero for this Show. What about that Stupid and Lazy Supervillan? He's an Annoying Idiot. This show gets a D--. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: B 7.0/10.0 Decent Acting for the Chracthers but Annoying for the Darn Puppets.

    Animation: F 3.0/10.0 Did I ever Metion that there's some Animation cutscenes in some of the Epiosdes? It's Terribly Drawn. It literally looked like a 5 month Old did it.

    Graphics: D 4.5/10.0 They Kinda Suck too. Sound: E+ 3.5/10.0 Some of the soundtracks are good and most of them are terrible and lacky.

    Dialouge: D 5.0/10.0 It barely has any Humor in it.

    Eductional Value: F-- 2.5/10.0 Because of it's Comedy, Humor and Action, There is none. It sucks a Rotten Fruit's Skin.

    Lasting Appeal: E+ 3.8/10.0 Bad.

    Overall: D-- 4.0/10.0 This show is just a Total Rip-off! I Want my 30 Minutes back from this Disgraceful use of Action, Humor and Comedy! Do Not watch this show. It's a HUGE waste of time.
  • lazytown is about stephanie coming to lazytown and finding friends

    nni nininininininin innin ni n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n nn n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n rubbish
  • In this episode (School Scam)I felt that it was excellent. I feel that for the children who watch this program that there should be more episodes of school.

    I really enjoyed watching this espiode of lazytown. School scam had funny stuff and serious stuff. The thing that didn't make sense was when the teacher (Robbie Rotten) told the principal (Mayor Milfred Meanswell) there is no talking in my class. Isn't the principal above the teacher?
    The funny part of the show I thought was when the children asked the teacher to teach them to jump the horse and he said he had to find a horse. Robbie Rotten (played by Stefan Karl)really made the show good. Sportacus helped the children once again to not givein but keep trying
  • not the best

    to be perfect honest, this isnt the best programme ever and it shows what CBBC is like nowadays.
    CBBC should think about bringing back there old stuff like The wild house, Big Kids and Chucklebrothers.
    Lazy town is about some stupid town with a bunch of stupid people being .. to be perfect honest.. stupid!
    i mean, im sure many young children will love this programme as they are still very naive and impressionable, yet, i cant help but thinking that even the younger children even consider this show to be anything but a lot of naivity.
    bring back wild house anyday!
  • My little girl, age 2, loves this show.

    When I first watched the show, I was bored. That is, until my little girl, age two, started to dance when the kids sang. She loved the show so much. Every Saturday she would watch that show. Thanks to Lazy Town, I was able to sleep in for an extra 30 minutes without her bothering me. This show was a blessing. Now we own “Sports Candy” and “Records Day” on DVD. I the morning, when I had to work a late night the night before, I would put one of the DVDs in the DVD player and sleep for hours without being disturbed. Now we have the other DVDs being delivered to us in the mail.

    If you have small children, I STRONGLY recommend this show!
  • so we go up up to the jump silly words i say when i am dancing -stepahie i am the master of disguise -robby rotten

    so we go up up to the jump silly words i say when i am dancing (dancing) well stephanie is a great kid her friend is sporticus that helps people robby rotten on the other side is an evil peron that wants kids to not to brush their teeth and does not want them to be healthy.stephanie is a very cute girl that lives with her uncle and wants to be helathy so she eats fruits and vegetable. sportacus teaches kids to be healthy and fit. he loves exercising and playing sprots. dig dang digidigidang silly words i say when i am singing
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