Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Weekdays 10:30 AM Oct 04, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Stephanie and the kids are having fun playing pirates. When Uncle Milford finds what they are doing, he tells them the story of a real pirate that once sailed in LazyTown --- Rottenbeard. Rottenbeard did whatever he wanted and spread laziness to every home until a hero arrived to stop him, as recorded in the LazyTown Big Book of History. Rottenbeard tried to get rid of everything healthy, but could never destroy the famous LazyTown stone, so he stole it and buried it. When Robbie Rotten learns of this ancient treasure, he decides to dress up as a pirate and create a fake LazyTown stone. He buries the stone and sets sail with the kids on a fake treasure hunt. The kids are excited by the chance to be real pirates at first, but soon discover the pirate life isn't all that they thought it was.moreless

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  • Yar har! come aboard ya lil buccaneer! Because i saw Rottenbeard today and here is my review...

    The Episode is based around pirates and treasure. The kids find out from the LazyTown book of history that there is a LazyTown stone that tells them what to do. But a piece is missing and a pirate named Rottenbeard stole it and buried it away.

    Robbie Rotten hears about this and disguises himself as Rottenbeard and plants some fake treasure with a fake piece of the stone inside!

    I thought this was a really entertaining episode and the pirate theme worked well. As always Robbie's plan didn't go to plan and he was defeated by Sportacus and the kids found the real stone. LazyTown will be Happy!moreless
  • Blue sky above and blue ocean below / You are a pirate! / Yar har, fiddle de de / Being a pirate is all right to be / Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free! / You are a pirate!moreless

    Note: This review contains spoilers throughout.

    All right, this episode hasn't gotten a lot of love so far, but it deserves more --- and here's why. Pirates themselves may be mean and nasty, but pirates and pirate culture are fun and almost always make for fun episodes of children's television programming. "LazyTown" is no exception."

    Stephanie and the kids dress up as pirates and learn the legend of Rottenbeard, who stole the LazyTown stone. When Robbie hears about the stone, he dresses up as a full-fledged pirate and decides to make a fake stone and bury it. Robbie loves disguises and he's awesome in this one. He has the full get-up and even has the traditional parrot. He puts on a fakey pirate growl, swagger and accent and tricks the kids into thinking he really is a pirate. They go on a treasure hunt, but the "booty" (ROTFL) isn't what they were expecting.

    "LazyTown" does it again. The song "You Are a Pirate" is a blast, fun to sing along with and great visuals to go along with it.

    We've got us a map

    To lead us to a hidden box

    That's all locked up with locks

    And buried deep away

    We'll dig up the box

    We know it's full of precious booty!moreless
  • Even though this was not one of my favorite epiosdes I did find the legend of the Lazytwon stone and Rottenbeard to be quite interesting to hear about

    Before watching this episode I had only heard \\\\\\\"You are a Pirate\\\\\\\" on the links of one of the groups I belong to but now I can see what the song looks like being act out. I thought that Stephanie kind of sounded like a southern belle when she was calling for help. I liked how Sportacus rushed off to save Stephanie even when his crystal didn\\\\\\\'t go off. It shows that he is really concerned with the welfare of the citizens of Lazytown. I also thought that Sportacus spinning Stephanie around was very funny.moreless
  • Robbie seeing his chance to make lazytown history by finding the missing piece of the towns historical stone tablet, makes up a new piece but then hides it, and convinces the kids to go on a treasure hunt to find it. They do find something, but the stonemoreless

    I liked this episode it showed us that the hero sportacus(or someone related to him) was protecting the town even back in the old days. Robbie was so funny when he was waving his ballon swords in the air and they kept coming together and making new ballons. how he started to dance to the music but then stopped himself.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Some have noted that during the balloon "sword fight" scene at the end of the episode, Sportacus knocks Robbie over a wall and splashing can be heard. This would imply that he fell into water, but when he reappears, he's completely dry. However, the sound of the water was likely added for effect as part of the pirate theme and there was no actual water.

    • During the scene where the fake stone is unveiled, Stephanie starts to walk away. She is seen walking for about three seconds and then the camera cuts to Sportacus, who starts to run after her. When he does this, Stephanie is nowhere in sight. She is then seen sitting on a bench. Based on the time taken, she should not have been able to reach the bench that quickly.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Sportacus: (reading corrected LazyTown stone) LazyTown should always be happy.
      Mayor Meanswell: Well, that's easy. All we have to do is smile.
      Robbie: That's easy for you to say.

    • Trixie: Kick him!
      Sportacus: What?
      Trixie: Just give him a little push.
      Sportacus: Okay. Whaddya know? A hole-in-one.

    • Robbie: (to Sportacus) You cloven kangaroo!

    • Trixie: Doing nothing is worse than anything.
      Stephanie: This is the worst.

    • Robbie: Finally! Peace and quiet in LazyTown forever!

    • Stephanie: Does that mean I"m not allowed to dance anymore?
      Robbie: (as Rottenbeard) Not even the sailor's jig.

    • Trixie: Out of my way, you scurvy dog! Stephanie!
      Stephanie: Why do I have to dig?
      Trixie: Because I have the hook. You dig?
      Stephanie: All right, I'll dig.
      Ziggy: You better dig.

    • Ziggy: (finally spotting the "X" after repeated attempts by Robbie to draw his attention to it) What's this?!
      Robbie: (as Rottenbeard) We have a winner.

    • Robbie: (as Rottenbeard) Yar har! Wind at your back, lads, wherever you go!
      Robbie and Kids: (singing) Blue sky above and blue ocean below / You are a pirate!
      Robbie: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
      Robbie and Kids: You are a pirate!
      Robbie: Heh heh heh heh.

    • Robbie: (singing, as Rottenbeard) We've got us a map
      Kids: A map!
      Robbie: To lead us to a hidden box / That's all locked up with locks
      Kids: With locks!
      Robbie: And buried deep away / We'll dig up the box
      Kids: The box!
      Robbie: We know it's full of precious booty / Bust open the locks
      Robbie and Kids: And then we'll say "hooray!"
      Stephanie: Yar har fiddle de de / If you love to sail the sea / You are a pirate.
      Robbie: Weigh anchor!
      Robbie and Kids: Yar har, fiddle de de / Being a pirate is all right with me / Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free / You are a pirate!

    • Robbie: (singing, as Rottenbeard) Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free / You are a pirate!
      Robbie and Kids: Yar har fiddle de de / Being a pirate is all right to be / Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free / You are a pirate!

    • Stephanie: That's the "X." That must be where the treasure is.
      Robbie: (as Rottenbeard) I knew you'd make a worthy crew the minute I laid eyes on you.

    • Robbie: (as Rottenbeard) I've got me a map. I've got me a shovel. But I need a pack of puny pirates, such as yourselves to help me find the booty.
      Ziggy: What did you just say?
      Robbie: (as himself) I need someone to help me find the treasure!

    • Robbie: (as Rottenbeard) Are ye real buccaneers? If it's real treasure ye be seeking ye be sailing under the flag of Rottenbeard the Pirate.

    • Robbie: So if someone, meaning me, made a fake stone, they'd have to do whatever I wrote on it. (laughs gleefully) Time to put my skills as a chiseler to good use. Ah! Ah! Now all I have to do is break it to match the other half. (laughs meanly) Ah! (He falls over, but the stone splits just as he wanted it to.) A perfect match. And now to go bury it somewhere those kids will find it. Ha ha ha! Disguise time!

    • Mayor Meanswell: (reading from the LazyTown Big Book of History) A pirate named Rottenbeard wandered through LazyTown, spreading his rottenness to every home and taking whatever he wanted.

    • Robbie: Those rotten kids. Noise, noise, noise. Nothing but noise! Ugh. (groans) Ew! Ugh! Uh! Eee. Ahh. Ha ha ha. (finds several sets of earmuffs) For trucks, jets, rockets. Ah, for kids. (He puts them on, but then removes them because they're not working.) Nothing is working! Oh ho ho ho!

    • Trixie: I have a hook.
      Ziggy: She has a hook.
      Stingy: Okay, uh, you're in charge.
      Sportacus: Good luck, guys. But don't sink too many ships.

    • Sportacus: I thought Stephanie was in real trouble. No wonder my crystal didn't beep.
      Trixie: Yargh! We be playin' pirates, Sportacus!

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode features the first time that the kids are taken hostage by Robbie. When they find the real LazyTown stone, Robbie decides that his plan isn't working and simply ties them all up. Sportacus rescues them as they give him advice from the LazyTown Book of History.

    • Pixel does not appear in this episode.

    • Robbie and the kids (except for Pixel, who does not appear) perform "You Are a Pirate," Track 10 on the LazyTown album. Robbie, in the guise of Rottenbeard, sometimes laughs over the singing.